Hi all,

just wanted to tell you handheld enthusiast guys about a purchase I recently made

I bought a "GPD XD"

If you have not heard of it, the Gamepad Digital XD is regarded as the BEST (especially value for money) handheld gaming system you can buy. I don't really like how the Nvidia Shield works with that extra controller part - So I found this to be perfect to my needs,

this is one of if not the best $150 I have EVER spent

Its essentially a android tablet with mappable buttons, so has wifi , can run any android app - Its quad core 1.8ghz, IPS screen , Portable emulation android DREAM MACHINE, Its built very similar to a Nintendo 3dS.

I mainly play some Dreamcast games (Some games are great some not - the problem with Dreamcast emulation on android is not speed but graphic glitches)
SNES, MAME, PSP. DOSBOX, android games you name it. This machine does it WELL

Loaded with a custom legacy rom , all android bloatware is removed. Just jump on the play store and download your favourite android emulators- Initial setup may take some time but once you can navigate yourself around the system it really is a fantastic device.

It has mini HDMI out, so I can play on the big screen, (with sound) mappable buttons can be set up via the emulator menu or on screen display.

No blue-tooth is a shame though.

I found downloading an app called resoloution changer works well with say dreamcast emulation which was a bit graphically glitchy, just set res changer to change the native screen res to 640x480 (same as dreamcasts native res) and PRESTO - ultimate portable dreamcast

I am mainly looking to have a collection of DREAMCAST fighters (which I own hard copies of) for the train trips to and from work which will be one hour when I start my new job.

Here are some videos which show off this marvel

and you can buy these new on Ali EXPRESS for like 150 US

There is even a new model called the GPD WIN , which has a usb port, keyboard and windows 10 !! (although out of my budget)

The few people I have shown this device pretty much wanted to buy one straight away haha - Maybe that's because I work in an IT company, but still - I thought I would share my experience with you. IF you are like me and always dreamed of Dreamcast games on the go - This is the way to go.