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Thread: MGL 31 - Game 2 ~ Pac-man ~ [FINISHED]

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredbird View Post

    Thanks for fitting my new joystick @churgs

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    If I knew you were going to beat my pacman score I would of waited to fit your new joystick till after it closed

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    Back from Netherworld ... and back to posting ...

    The final scoreboard standings are below ...

    Over 400,000 units were sold of this game, making it the no.1 selling arcade machine in history … so it is quite lucky that Game 2 was Pac-man.

    To put in some sort of perspective here, Donkey Kong arcade game sales was 60,000 units … Pac-Man and Dragon's Lair joined Pong for permanent display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. for their cultural impact in the USA.

    DaLar and kane ate their way to 114K and 110K respectively, Barra 157K, Foot wokas out churgs by only 320 points for 4th place in 198,920 vs 198,600 … bigredbird takes out 3rd place with a strong 207K … m.r.darr scores a mighty 643K for 2nd place … and …

    Congratulations to Mameshane for hitting a new PB and winning Game 2 with some masterful and dangerous maze play …

    Here’s Mameshane showing how it’s done on a real machine at Netherworld last weekend … try this yourself some time … woka woka woka!

    Hammerin’ Harry and Moon Patrol are currently in play … so hammer into Game 3 and jump into Game 4 …

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