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Thread: World Championship of eSports 2017

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    World Championship eSports 2017

    Well done DaLar, a very worthy victory. Youíre definitely a much better overall gamer than I. Thereís some games I do well on but others I really just cannot play and do not like. Itís amazing how you place highly on almost every single game. Incredible stuff

    Well done to those who managed to make it through and play everything, it certainly was a hard grind at times.

    Game of the overall tournament for me was probably Radical Radial. Had a lot of fun working that game out and one Iím really looking forward to playing at Funspot in March!!!

    Also massive thanks to OOO for this tournament and everything you do for the hobby. We are pretty lucky to have someone so passionate about these games and CAG as a whole. Your generosity and overall dedication is second to none. Thanks mate

    Iím unsure when/if the next one of these is but I do hope thereís at least a bit of a break. Lately itís been more like work than fun, which I guess is fitting for a world championship, but itís hard to grind over and over on stuff you donít like, to the point where you never get time to play stuff you enjoy. Just some food for thought

    As for me personally and my gaming - heading over to Kong Off 6 in Banning in March, and then 2 weeks later Iíve got the Galaga World Championships in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Have a lot of work to do on both games if I want to be competitive, so better start practicing pretty soon!


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    Walter Day sent me a message on 17-Feb to honour the World Champion of eSports for 2017.

    I designed and sponsored the card that was released at Arcade Expo 4.0 in Banning, California, last weekend.

    This is the toughest and longest eSports Championship in the World. An amazing win by Daniel Larsen.

    The off season will soon be over ... get your coins and furniture ready, stock pile the esky and the fridge, you are all in for one helluva ride ... bigger and better than ever ...

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