Just got back from a 3hr round trip drive to pick up a Roadshow. It came on to Gumtree and I sent the guy a text. Asking a few questions he replied so I rang. He told me someone else was going to buy it sight unseen so I thought why not I like a gamble and the price is low enough I will do the same.
After me assuring him I wasn't going to muck him around he said no worries it's sold to you.
So off I went not know exactly what was waiting for me. Arrived and he had it turned on so that was a good start.
It's a bit rough around the edges but seems to play. Has some issues that need sorting but once I drill the back box lock hopefully the will be easy fixes.
I got talking to him and he said he could have sold it 6 times over. I wonder if the guy is Canberra will be disappointed after seeing these pics? He tried hard offering $500 more than I paid but the seller told all who tried it was sold to me.
I have heard what a great game it is from so many people so I am looking forward to getting it fully working.

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