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Thread: Pinburgh 2017

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    Pinburgh 2017

    Did any other Aussie's manage to score and entry for ReplayFX/Pinburgh competition next July in the USA?

    For those who don't know about it - it's a 3 day match play event with $100,000 prize pool. 740 entries available, and they all sold out in 25 minutes. They say this is the most "social" tournament to play due to the format, and much less stressful than the PAPA world titles. In the past, "lurkers" who turn up have had no trouble getting a spot on the day due to lots of "no shows", but there are no guarantees.

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    When I went in 2015, I was on the wait list for a few months and got in at the start of April with Pinburgh being at the start of August.
    If anyone is thinking of attending jump on the waitlist early as its getting more and more popular. With the location more accessible than PAPA,
    replayFX has to be one of the best arcade/pinball shows of the year.

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