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Thread: ORION 2022 replacement chassis?

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    ORION 2022 replacement chassis?

    Ive got an Orion tube and Orion 2022 chassis (20") in an LAI lowboy.

    I was going to send you the chassis to look at, as there's no red showing, but now (and after reading more on the Orion chassis - even some written by yourself) Im thinking maybe Im better to just look at a replacement as the one I have is pretty rough anyway….

    - Filthy and looks like it has been for years, with stains where it may have been wet in machine.
    - Fairly annoying whistle from flyback (is this on the way out?)
    - Several scorched sections on chassis
    - No red (adjusting pots doesn't seem to effect, but it looks like signal to chassis was fine)
    - Purple left edge to screen (earth strap seems a bit flimsy around monitor here - cause?)

    Do you have a direct replacement, and should I just be looking at this?

    Thanks for any direction.


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