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Thread: SEGA - X-Files - 1997 - Repair & Service Log

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    I know this thread is getting on, but I have only recently discovered it!

    I just want to say how incredibly impressed I am with the work that @Jesder put into the restoration. The results look stunning.

    It has inspired me to take my next resto to the next level.

    Apart from minor stuff like ledding etc, my first foray into resto stuff was when I did a playfield strip on my Pinball Pool, cleaned, replaced some stuff etc.

    My second was much more extensive when I completely stripped my T2 and spent about 40 hrs on it - when I was feeling up to it. Hand cleaned and polished every nut, bolt, screw etc. Wet-and-dry on metal strips and inside of the legs. New rubber kits, star posts and other stuff. Flipper rebuild kit. And more. I was very happy with the results.

    Now I aim to take it one step further with my next one - Earthshaker. I will use this thread as my source of info and I am afraid that @Jesder may get a few PM's!!

    Great stuff

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    Thanks for the kind words - Good to know people still find this thread

    I think restoring and overhauls are an evolving process and we get better with each machine we work on. There are always good lessons learnt each time that we can then build on for improvement with the next game to work on. There are people out there who are doing work that's levels above mine that I look to for inspiration and ways to improve my results too. It's one of the reasons I put a lot of time in to my write ups so others who come along after me can learn and use it as reference.
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    Great job i hope mine comes out looking as good as yours as ive only done plsyfield and ready for cabinet work. x files is so underrated...20180206_172414.jpeg

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