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Thread: Moon Cresta: AA's Top Ten Scores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat View Post
    Yeah yeah I know that, I appreciate that you like playing on the original boards, I have a few dedicated cabs myself but only for games that don't emulate perfectly in mame or have special dedicated control panels, Defender, Space Duel and Asteroids. For now I'm happy to play everything else on mame as I would not be able to tell the difference between a well tweaked mame set up and the original board in a double blind test. There are still a few games I can't play due to the fact they need dedicated CPs, I would like a 720 CP but they are complicated to build so I will probably never do it.

    I have an old Braze high score save kit on my Asteroids and I'm waiting waiting waiting for Clay's vector multi board to put in it, Space Duel saves the highest score already as original in an eprom (woo speccy) and Defender saves HS as original. I use a JROK hardware emulation board in my Defender now for reliability and it plays exactly the same as the original boards which is important for me. I would possibly consider getting one of these ethernet HS save boards for Defender but it would not work with a JROK and the HS on that leaderboard is only 22k LOL and no one seems to be playing it so there isn't any point really, nice idea but a bit of a fail for most games. A few people are uploading Asteroids scores as it seems a couple of cabs in public arcades have the kit so that makes it slightly better. IMO if you are shopping for a HS save kit anyway then you might as well get an ethernet capable one, but it's not really worth it ATM for games that already save high scores or you have an old HS save kit in like my Asteroids.

    I was just about to post that it would be good to have HS kits for pinballs, but people would just cheat so much that they would be useless anyway
    Well put, Rat.
    I reckon the kit is so khool for those games where no other HS save kit exists and correct too that the upload version is another A$20 away so why not. The great thing is the kit is applicable over all Z80 games as they produce the ROM to suit. But the best thing tho is its a great way to analyze obsessive behavior - your scores are continually recorded. You can look back at what you have been doing over the last week!
    Seriously tho, don't you see it catching on? More guys installing it over time, it will be a great way to compete. Even without the upload, as a HS save kit it fixed a big issue for me.

    -Jimmy D.

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    I've recently rebuilt my the system in my 2P upright mame cab, it runs moon cresta correctly now.

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