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Thread: Complete artwork for Midway Rally-X

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    Complete artwork for Midway Rally-X

    I had the pleasure of printing a complete artwork set for a genuine Midway Rally-X restoration.

    Can't wait to see the final pics with everything fitted!

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    Thanks again - Looks great!
    As much as I would like a original to restore its going to be a reproduction
    As soon as I get the artwork Im starting on the cabinet - just to double check the measurements I already have
    Got hold of an original coin door as well to keep it looking as it should and to be used using real money!
    As much as I would like an original PCB (at a reasonable price) and CRT Im going to use the 19-1 (with both Rally x versions) and a 20" LCD (5:4) for the time being
    Will post the build here when I get going
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