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Thread: The Batcave Masters 2016

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    The Batcave Masters 2016

    Dan and myself are gluttons for punishment and will return to put it on again.

    13th, 14th, 15th of May 2016.

    From this year on May will become the permanent home of Batcave Masters which will run annually hereafter.

    3 comps

    1. Pingolf with a 4 player (matchplay) bracket final of 16 (to be confirmed)

    2. Main Event - 4 player Match Play Swiss Style (tiered hopefully) event , 5 or 6 rounds then final 16 (same/similar as last year)

    3. Classics - early solid states and EMs, format to be advised (there will be no strikes tournament this year, we only ran it last time due to time constraints)

    $150 entry - payment is open from TODAY

    paypal: - please send as a gift. I've now linked my paypal to my bank account so anyone who would prefer to pay via bank transfer please let me know and I will PM you the details.

    Payment cutoff is 8th of April (this is also the last date for refunds), after this date the cost increases to $165

    Spots are capped at 70, one thing we learnt from the November event was that anything more than 50 people when it is raining is squishy.

    You can put down that you're interested but if you haven't paid your spot isn't confirmed and could be taken by someone else.

    Rated players will be given preference above non-rated to maximise IFPA points - however we only had 44 attend last time so I wouldn't worry too much about this coming into effect.

    New Zealanders are welcome to bunk here as always.



    Main Event (2 divisions, Open and B division)

    Qualifying: 5 rounds, 4 player best of 3, tiered swiss (IFPA scoring)

    Open finals: Top 16, Single Elimination head to head, best of 3

    B Division Finals (<=1500 rating, >1000 rank): Top 8, 4 player single elimination group (players 3 and 4 eliminated), best of 3, 4 player final round. (2 rounds, IFPA scoring)


    - Open finalists not eligible for B division finals.
    - B division doesn't change the IFPA standings of the main event, its only bragging rights with a trophy to the winner. IFPA standings are based on where the players came in the main event.
    - minor prize money to apply to B division, winners trophy to b division.

    TGP: 100%


    Qualifying: 9 holes
    Final: Top 16 Single Elimination Group Bracket (players 3 and 4 eliminated), best of 3. 4 player final (3 rounds). Finals will be pingolf (this is allowed as long as 4 player games are played and the progression is knockout).

    TGP: 100%


    I'm making a late change to this and will post details tomorrow. But the guts of it is that its a Herb format (best game) running the entire weekend with finals on the Sunday arvo. There is a catch though that Luke @LCM and I came up with that I've decided I'm going to use but it requires some more thought on my part on how to make it work. Going to be an interesting format.

    Just means that there will be an event running the entire time for all those periods of downtime during the Swiss main event.

    Classics will also run a 'B division' component the same as the main event.

    TGP: 100%


    Now for the big show

    Trans-Tasman State of Origin, Bring Back the Biff Cup (BBTB Cup)

    This is an invitational event, that you can opt in or out of up to you. Just your State (or country in the case of NZ) pride on the line. I've borrowed some ideas from Luke, some are my own, and its all subject to change till I say it isn't ..... however....

    The state you represent is the one in which you currently reside. None of this 'my mum's sister was born in QLD so I'm from QLD' rubbish.

    This event will run on Saturday night.

    Round-Robin Event - each team plays the other once.

    Top 3 representatives from each state (country) in attendance will form the basis of each team. Those 3 players can then nominate a 4th.

    Format as follows:

    If the kiwis can come up with 4 players, it'll be 5 teams at this stage as no-one from ACT is coming currently. So each round will have a bye.

    Potential draw (each team will be allocated a number drawn randomly on the day)

    Round 1: 1 vs 5, 2 vs 4 - team 3 bye
    Round 2: 3 vs 1, 4 vs 5 - team 2 bye
    Round 3: 2 vs 1, 3 vs 5 - team 4 bye
    Round 4: 4 vs 1, 3 vs 2 - team 5 bye
    Round 5: 4 vs 3, 2 vs 5 - team 1 bye

    Each round, a team will only field 2 players. Each player on the team will need to play in two rounds to be decided by the team when it best suits.

    Rounds will be randomly drawn on the night and consist of (and this is the part that will probably be tweaked as I'm half cut and just came up with this right now):

    1. pingolf round
    2. matchplay best of 3 different machines
    3. group knockout (2 rounds, same machine, player 3 and 4 eliminated)
    4. 1 flipper team play (each member of the team takes first the left, then the right flipper - so each game is played with two flippers, with each player on the team controlling one flipper) ... its harder than it sounds.
    5. blind fold - each member of the team has to be guided by the other using only verbal commands

    Losing team in each match takes a shot (except for the verified non-drinkers).

    Example: So I just reread this and it is a bit misleading. So here is an example, we go into round 1, someone draws 'pingolf' out of a hat. Round 1 is then the pingolf round, and it cannot be drawn again for any future rounds. In round 2, someone draws 'blind fold', so round 2 becomes the blind fold round. Hopefully that is a bit clearer.

    Perpetual trophy to the state that wins!

    BTBB Cup:

    The group knockout round will be played on Iron Man and will be known as the Houseball Round.

    Is there interest in running a B division BBTB cup? (<=1500 rating, >= 1000 rank)

    BTBB Cup - super supporter:


    If you aren't in the games but want to be 'part of the action', you take a shot of your choice of bourbon, JD or vodka each time your team loses!

    (Grog supplied)

    Classics Comp

    Herb Format - Limited format, optional pump and dump.

    Still contingent on me being able to get what I need to run it but basically:

    Best 5 games out of a bank of 7 (or 8 or 10, not sure yet, depends on me being able to get the hardware in time).

    You'll get 5 tokens to put up your best games on the machines of your choice from that bank. Once you submit your 5 scores, you'll receive another 5 tokens to be spent wherever you choose. So if one of your 5 was crap, you can spend all 5 on the same game to improve it if you like.

    After that its $20 for 5 tokens if you want to buy more - there is no requirement for people to do so. 75% of the funds from the pump and dump will be redistributed to the classics comp and will increase the prize pool, they will not go to increase the pot on either of the other comps. The rest will go to Mick to keep the old girls running.

    B division applies same as in the main event comp:

    - Top 8 qualifiers into the B division finals who meet the dual criteria (<= 1500 rating, >= 1000 rank).
    - Classics finalists are ineligible for B division finals regardless of criteria
    - Trophy for the winner of B division, and minor prize money to top 4 finishers.

    Best of 3, group knockout finals bracket (1 and 2 progress, 3 and 4 knocked out) - 4 player final.

    Because of the use of score keepers (see below), all weekend qualifying and tokens for credits, the qualifying for this comp will be largely unsupervised. Play fair, any abuse of the machines or rules will not be tolerated and will get back to us pretty quickly. You get 1 warning, 2nd time you're out of the comp, 3rd time you're out of the weekend, same as last time.

    Score keepers

    I'm looking for up to 10 score keepers to update scores to matchplay for the classics comp (or as many as I can get).
    Same thing that we've started doing for Wildball. You just find one of the designated score people when you want to update your scores. Score keepers are also the only people this time around who will have access to the network - we let everyone on it last time and in hindsight that was a mistake as the ipad we were using often got kicked off the network and couldn't get back on. So if you are one of the designated scorers you get free wifi all weekend (yay!) if not, you don't (boo!).

    Keep in mind I live out in the sticks, so 5mbit is the max I can get, makes it hard to let too many people on the network.


    I'm looking for 2 non-playing volunteers each day to help @furballx with scoring and general whatever he needs (comp related, no handies down the back shed ). I don't want to plunder the player base for this, so if you're local and can help out, please let me know. Any help is better than none, so even if it is a couple of hours on one day, awesome stuff!

    Stuck balls and score keeping are the main duties, may also include a lunch run for Furbs at some point. We'll provide the food and drinks, you just need to come!


    Dave @furballx
    Dan @Fair Dinkum Dan

    Both Dan and Myself will be playing in the comps, so try to be patient. I'll also get Furbs into the pingolf and classics comp if he has time to lift the numbers.

    Prize Pool

    Pingolf 15%
    Classics 15% + 75% of the pump and dump
    Main Event 70%

    Keep in mind that this is the break down from whatever is left after Trophies and Tech Fees are taken out - I will cover parts. Last time it was between 75% and 80% of the total entrance fees that went into the prize pool.

    Classics Event Prize Money

    This one has the most convoluted prize structure so I thought I'd post something in advance.

    Final totals will ultimately be determined by how many people enter it and how much we get stung for Trophies. If we get 50 players, and noone opts to rebuy:

    Open Finals:

    1st: $250
    2nd: $150
    3rd: $100
    4th: $50

    B Division:

    1st: $50
    2nd: $30
    3rd: $20
    4th: $10

    Top Qualifier

    Top Qualifier each machine (8 machines total)

    This event in effect is 16.67% of the prize pool. The prize pool will increase by 75% of rebuy fees and will be adjusted accordingly. Finalists will be notified of the prize pool in advance of the 3pm Sunday start time.

    Pingolf Prize Money

    There is no B division in Pingolf. Assuming we get to 50 entrants:

    1st: $400
    2nd: $200
    3rd: $100
    4th: $50
    5th-8th: $25

    Top Qualifier: $100

    This event is also 16.67% of the prize pool ($30 more than the base classics @ 50 entrants as prize pool is determined solely by number of entrants).

    Side Pot

    Completely optional - no-one has to enter this.

    Credit to @LCM for this, and I tweaked it a bit.

    Two entry levels;

    - 1/2 $100
    - Full $200

    The highest finisher in the ME finals who has paid their entrance fee, takes the pot. If you've paid the 1/2 fee you take the minor pot. The highest full pot finisher takes the major pot. You can enter both if you choose to or just one, the choice is yours. If the top entered finisher has paid for the minor and major they will claim both pots.

    If you are interested in this please contact me in advance so I can get an idea of numbers (if any). You don't need to pay for this until the day of the event.

    This is optional - no need for anyone to freak out, I just know there are a few people at the top end who are happy to back themselves.

    Batcave Masters Shirts

    Is there any interest in this? I know we've all got pinball shirt fatigue but I'm keen to get some done at least for Furbs + any non-playing volunteers.

    Is there anyone out there who can help out with a logo design?


    Friday 10am - 7pm Pingolf Qualifying, Classics Qualifying
    Friday 7pm - 11pm Pingolf Finals, Classics Qualifying
    Saturday 10am - 6pm Main Event Qualifying, Classics Qualifying Continues
    Saturday 7pm BBTB Cup, Classics Qualifying
    Sunday 10am Main Event Finals, Classic Qualifying Continues
    Sunday 3pm - 7pm Classics Finals

    I've allowed an extra hour each for the Pingolf Finals and the Classics Finals, in reality they should be done in 3hrs (3 rounds).

    Games room will be open for free play till late each night.

    Main event qualifying and finals the starting time is 10am sharp. If you aren't on site at that time and we've drawn your games, you will start forfeiting games. There will be no exceptions to this rule unless we're missing our adjudicators for whatever reason. Aim to be here no later than 9:30am. Its a long format to get through and we aim to run as close to schedule as we can.


    Wallacia Hotel:, its about $120 a night for a room with 2 beds and a bathroom. The suite with the 3 beds in it works out to the best deal. The hotel is pretty decent by all accounts. They also serve breakfast at the hotel, and there is a bistro as well. Its a pretty good setup. Roughly 3km from my house.

    If we get 10 rooms they will apply a discount - there are at least 4 booked currently that I know of.

    Kiwis can lodge with me as always - I'm probably going to turn the pool house into the Kiwi Hotel depending on numbers. If you can bring a sleeping bag, great, it just saves me having to come up with bedding for everyone. I'll provide the air matresses and pillows for you guys.

    For the guys looking for bare bones, you can either camp in my back yard, campers, caravans or anything else out on the road, or up at the shed.

    For the bare bare bones people, there is limited space to camp in my shed. Probably room for no more than 6. You'll need an air mattress, pillow and a sleeping bag. Its going to be cold up there so keep that in mind.

    Toilets / Showers

    There is 1 shower in the gamesroom for campers / shed stayers, and 3 separate toilets available for use. All showers must be concluded by 9:45am. If you don't make it in time for a tub, you'll have to wait till the following day. Its in the middle of the gamesroom which means showers after this time aren't possible.

    Kiwis have their own bathroom / shower in my office, this is not for general use and will piss my wife off no end if others use it.

    Local Shops

    I'm 13km from the thriving metropolis that is Penrith . So generally the local shops (3km away, opposite direction to the Hotel) are where you'll be headed if you need anything. Penrith is a 15min drive away if absolutely have to go there.

    Bakery (closes about 1pm on Saturday, not open Sunday)
    Take Away (closes by 8pm)
    Pizza Joint (closes by 10pm)
    Thai Place (closes by 9pm usually)
    Mini-mart (about 8pm usually)
    Butcher (closes about 1pm on Saturday, not open Sunday)
    Bottle-O (closes 9pm, otherwise you can just get takeaway from Wallacia Hotel)
    Chemist (not open on Sunday)
    Wallacia Hotel (bistro closes by 9pm or earlier depending on demand)


    I liked what they did in pincade, so there will be a BBQ provided for anyone who wants to cook their own food.

    Saturday night we'll do a pizza run for those that hang around for the BBTB Cup (players and spectators). Don't order the 4 cheese - it sucks!


    My daughter being the enterprising girl that she is has asked if she can sell soft drink at the event. Of course I said yes.

    Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta? and Water will be available for $2 a can / bottle. Probably will save many a run to the shops.


    If you're local, please bring your own. I only own 2 or 3 eskys so space is at a premium. Please bring ice too, I had a bunch of people ask me for ice last time round, keep in mind I'm not running a servo! Bring your own!

    Kiwis are welcome to use my beer fridge in the pool house for their drinks / meat.


    Preliminary Main Event Comp Machines (pingolf games will also be drawn from this pool).


    Medieval Madness
    Monster Bash
    Cirqus Voltaire
    Scared Stiff
    World Cup Soccer '94
    Family Guy
    Iron Man
    Tron LE
    Transformers LE
    AC/DC LE
    Metallica LE
    Batman Dark Knight
    The Addams Family

    Classics / SS: TBA.


    Me - Paid
    Dan - Paid
    Edy - Paid
    Warwick (defender1980) - Paid
    Dave F (kayakkingoz) - Paid
    Tim (timmychap) - Paid
    Greg J (G) - Paid
    Jasen M (acejas) - Paid
    Rob M (robm) - Paid
    Greg S (onetaste) - Paid
    Grant (Bet7676) - Paid
    Paul (pinballcreature) - Paid
    Luke M (LCM) - Paid
    John P (jagojp) - Paid
    Andrew F (cardini) - Paid
    Andrew H (Von) - Paid
    Marcus S (Marcxus) - Paid
    Rob M (RMacauley) - Paid
    David L (dloe007) - Paid
    Rob S (Replay) - Paid
    Peter W (Greengoblin) - Paid
    Ron L (ronl008) - Paid
    Stuart T (hyper101) - Paid
    BJ (BJWilson) - Paid
    Marc B (Mar) - Paid
    John C (chopchop) - Paid
    Andrew C (Rat) - Paid
    Jack H (hutch) - Paid
    Martin R (Martymainframe) - Paid
    Nate (Audioenslaved) - Paid
    Richard (RGR) - Paid (funds with Edy)
    Kim (kim) - Paid
    Paul R (DOG) - Paid
    Paul J (specialharmony) - Paid
    Esther A (adania) - Paid
    Evan (Lazarus) - Paid
    Lou M (diesel) - Paid
    Wal D - Paid
    Terry (SwedishTaxi) - Paid
    Yee (rocky2) - Paid
    Chris J (shiner) - Paid
    Vincent (metaxa7star) - Paid
    Alex M (alexmc) - Paid
    Pat N (nich2pat) - Paid
    Matt V (malone) - Paid
    Greg & Michelle (Greg McMahon) - Paid
    Josh Holmes - Paid
    Rawdon (Rawdon) - Paid
    Adam B (Pinballs Forever) - Paid
    Duane (Duane) - Paid
    David M (DivMon) - Paid
    Will (gomeroz) - Paid
    Andy W (Mud) - Paid
    Chris (Crafty) - Paid
    Brett (Brett2280) - Paid
    Naimoi - Paid
    Dave (rotordave) - Paid
    Danni - Paid
    George (george_diCe) - Paid
    Roland (roland rat) - Paid
    Michael K - Paid
    Duncan M (1.21 Gigawatts) - Paid
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    Please put me down as interested at this early stage.
    Thanks, Evan

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    I'm in for round 2!
    In: Houdini, Iron man, TWDLE, Whitewater, WOZ and Xmen
    Out: Avengers Hulk, BOP, Bram Stroker's Dracula, Demolition man, Elvis, Flintstones, Frank Thomas Big Hurt, Frankenstein, The Getaway:HS2, Gorgar, Grand Slam, Hobbit, Judge Dredd, Lord of the Rings, METPrem, Roadshow, Shadow, Spider-Man, STTNG, WCS, Wheel of Fortune, Wild life, WWELE

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    Me Toooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just paid.

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    Hi Leigh,
    Yeah put me down as interested also please, I would love to come up and check out your magnificent new games room and play some games with the pinhead boys

    I have put the date on my work roster and ATM it would require me to take a week off as I'm working that weekend. But if the Iron Ore price stays where it is then I possibly won't be working even in a few weeks time, leaving heaps of time for Pinball

    Winter is here and I'm still riding more than gaming, my current goal = 100,000 meters elevation gain for the year - well ahead so far

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    New Zealand
    Please put down Danni and RotorDave ... But we will hold off on payment until event is confirmed if that's ok.

    (Then we can book flights etc)


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    Quote Originally Posted by rotordave View Post
    Please put down Danni and RotorDave ... But we will hold off on payment until event is confirmed if that's ok.

    (Then we can book flights etc)

    All good Dave, I'd do the same.

    Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships 2019
    The Barn - 2020 - watch this space

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    Taxi is in!

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    In like Flynn

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGR View Post
    In like Flynn
    Being playing too much Avatar Richo?

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