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Thread: GoT Pinball Announced

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    that is my next step today..

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    Small code update today; 1.34
    Not much to get excited about in the readme.txt...

    LE/PREMIUM V1.34 - December 19, 2016
    - Ticket dispenser was not dispensing tickets correctly.

    LE/PREMIUM V1.33 - October 7, 2016
    - Shaker Motor Adjustment was not turning the shaker motor off as required.
    - "Bonus Held" would give an extra bonus if the player was on the last ball but had an extra ball.

    - Added Adjustment to stop the game from physically locking balls.

    LE/PREMIUM V1.32 - September 26, 2016
    - Simplified Switch Test Menu to fit on display. The graphical switch display
    shows the state of all switches on the node that last reported switched
    - Optimized Node Power Usage.
    - Added Node Configuration and Tech Alerts to Audit Dump.
    - Fixed - Electronic Coin Mech (used in non-US games) stops working on some
    games after many hours of operation.

    LE/PREMIUM V1.31 - August 15, 2016
    - Used for internal testing

    LE/PREMIUM V1.30 - August 4, 2016
    - Electronic coin mech would occasionally stop accepting coins until
    the machine was power cycled.

    LE/PREMIUM V1.29 - April 22, 2016
    - HAND OF THE KING CHAMPION was not being awarded correctly.

    - Added Game credits Easter Egg ( 1 2 3 )

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    Giving this a bump! Surprised no one has mentioned this.

    Anyone else watch Dead Flips code update stream today?

    Wow! Very happy with this update, lots added.

    Extra button powers for houses, castle multiball easier to get to and worth actual points, mode completions on the upper playfield, multiball on the upper playfield, iron bank worth something now, Targaryen is now able to be chosen at the start, buy martel add a ball power with gold...Wow just wow!

    Already love this game, and this is just icing on the cake!

    Great job Dwight!

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    Can't see it on stern, is it not avail yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinball god View Post
    Can't see it on stern, is it not avail yet?
    will be available in 2 days time.

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    And I thought it was good before. Shame I sold it. I’d get another as it’s a great game.
    PINBALL gotta love it

    "There's no such thing as too much bling" Scott

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    Downloading it now, will give it a bash tonight.

    Still in shock as I thought they were done with this, huge update.

    It has also moved to the newer SYSTEM 2.31, which gives more options in the settings.

    LE/PREMIUM V1.36 - July 14th, 2019
    - Added a lamp effect when a playfield multiplier is lit.
    - Added a lamp effect when a house is lit.
    - Added flasher and sound effects to the sword lock eject sequence during
    - Added Adjustment for new ACTION BUTTON ACTIONs. There are two choices:
    EACH HOUSE SEPARATE - Each of the 6 houses you can choose to be have
    something interesting they can do:
    TARGARYEN - Freeze all timers for a few seconds
    STARK - Once per ball kill one mode with a DIRE WOLF. Collect a
    MARTELL - Once per ball add-a-ball in Multiball
    BARATHEON - Once per ball light both outlanes for Lord of Light for
    a few seconds
    TYRELL - Once per ball Iron Bank (now worth more)
    LANNISTER - Spend 1000+ Gold to buy the next playfield multiplier
    GREYJOY - None at start, The button ability of the last house
    they have completed.
    IRON BANK - The old Iron Bank rule but now with higher scores.
    - Defaults to EACH HOUSE SEPARATE.
    - You can only have one button ability at a time. If you steal one or buy
    one your previous one is displaced.
    - If set to EACH HOUSE SEPARATE the button will blink with the following new
    colors. The button will be off when nothing is available:
    - Start a game
    - Choose your house
    - Entering your Initials
    - Launch the ball
    - Choose your battle
    - Video mode attack
    - Choose Items to purchase
    - All House abilities in the color of the house
    - Stark, Martell, Baratheon, and Tyrell can only be used once per ball.
    - If you have two houses stacked and you have the Stark button ability,
    the house that is completed will be the top house in the selection pair.
    If you don't remember which was the top house in the selection list, the
    house that will be completed is the house on the left in the background
    with two flags.
    - Added 3 Button Abilities to Mystery. You can now buy the Baratheon,
    Lannister, or Martell button abilities.
    - Added Baratheon house ability. If you are Baratheon, or Greyjoy and you have
    completed House Baratheon. The left 3-bank will advance you toward Wall
    Multiball when it is completed.
    - Added Adjustment to start the game from the action button. This will default
    to YES. The Action Button will start a game by default.
    - Added audits for LORD OF LIGHT.
    - Added Choosing Targaryen as your house.
    - Spots all of the Targaryen modes completed.
    - Button ability is to freeze all timers for 20 seconds.
    - Added Targaryen Champion in the attract mode
    - Added sound, lamp, and speech effects to ARCHERS, CHARGE, BREACH
    - Added House Mode completion when you collect the Castle Award. The mode will
    immediately end and you will receive bonus points.
    - Added an adjustment to force all players to the same house. The choices will
    TYRELL, MARTELL, and RANDOM. PLAYERS CHOICE (default) will allow all players
    to choose separately, like normal.
    - Added RANDOM as a choice when selecting your house. If you select RANDOM the
    game will choose which house you will be randomly.
    - Added a new Castle Corner rule:
    - On the upper playfield, the first time the ball goes through the
    right return lane, the top left corner will light for a few seconds.
    - If you shoot the corner before the light times-out the game will spot
    the next level you need on the path to CASTLE MULTIBALL. IE. ARCHERS,
    - This is only available once per ball.
    - Added a few speech calls from the show.

    - The display effect for increasing the playfield multiplier
    now indicates the new level (2X, 3X, etc.)
    - Improved the reliability of the sword lockup device.
    - Increased the values of Iron Bank. It's now very worth it if your playfield
    multiplier is > 2X.
    - Increased all the gold that House Lannister receives (or Greyjoy after they
    stole the Lannister abilities):
    - Game Start - now 750, was 500, normal 100
    - New gold Target - now 125, was 30, normal 15
    - Old gold Target - now 15, was 5, normal 5
    - Gold Targets Complete - now 750, was 450, normal 250
    - Top Lanes Complete - now 225, was 35, normal 135
    - Pict-O-Pops - now 750, was 300, normal 150
    - Ball Lock - now 350, was 150, normal 75
    - Completing House Lannister - now 500, was 0, normal 250
    - Reduced the default volume from 33 to 20
    - Moved turning Advance Play on, when the game is set to casual mode, to the
    right flipper button. Now hold the right flipper button to enable ADVANCE
    PLAY for three seconds. The Action button will no longer do this.
    - Changed the scoring for the spinner. There are now nine levels instead of
    - You can only increase the level of your spinner up to how many house
    modes you have completed plus one.
    - When the spinner value is increased the value grows based on what
    level your spinner is at. Each level grows the spinner faster.
    - Each ball the spinner starts a level one.
    - Completing the three bank of targets bumps you to the next level.
    - Each drop target hit increases the value of the spinner.
    - Hitting the battering ram sometimes also increases the value of the
    - Increased the ball save times for 3 multiballs: Iron Throne, Wall, and Hand
    of the King.
    - The full screen BARATHEON battle display was updated to indicate when the
    left drop target final shots are available.
    - Enhanced the display effect for lighting houses.
    - Enhanced display effects during WINTER HAS COME MULTIBALL.
    - Changed the timer for selecting which house mode to play. It will start at
    three seconds. Each button press will add eight seconds. The timer will max
    out at 20 seconds.
    - Increased how many seconds are added back to the playfield multipliers when
    you hit the battering ram.
    - Increased the max number of seconds the playfield multipliers last before
    timing out. Hitting the Battering Ram can now give more time than it starts
    - Changed the add-a-ball display effect from the Martell button ability to
    read MARTELL - ADD A BALL instead of IRON BANK -> ADD A BALL.
    - Greatly increased the score values of Castle Multiball
    - Increased the score values of Castle Award
    - Improved the choreography of Castle Multiball
    - Removed the frenzy nature from Castle Multiball. The scoring on each sw was
    too noisy and distracted from the main goals of the multiball.
    - Increased the scores for Iron Throne.
    - Increased the score for Baratheon House Mode and shorted the timer.
    - Added a couple seconds to the House Greyjoy Timer.
    - PICT-O-POPS will no longer award INCREASE WALL JACKPOT while WALL
    MULTIBALL is running.
    - Removed key lamps during large playfield engulfing lamp effects. You will be
    able to see if shoot again is blinking during most of the large effects now.

    - WINTER IS COMING was being advanced on shots when it
    shouldn't have.
    - During the second Targaryen dragon, sometimes the hurry up value
    would get miscalculated, causing scores ending in nonzero values.
    - A purchased SUPER JACKPOT wasn't being awarded correctly during
    - Grace periods during BLACKWATER MULTIBALL were not always
    handled correctly.
    - Improved CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE's reliability. Also, only display the
    instructions once per player.
    - Fixed misspelling of "WILDFIRE" in PICTO-POPS.
    - Removed AD_START_GAME_ON_CREDIT functionality from the game because it now
    exists in the system.
    - During HAND OF THE KING MULTIBALL (or when playing as TYRELL), rolling thru
    a lit return lane no longer displays "+1 COMBO MULTIPLIERS" if it's already
    at its maximum.
    - Fixed INSTALL EXTRA EASY menu option. It should now install correctly.
    - MYSTERY was sometimes offering LIGHT SWORDS when it was not available to
    be lit.
    - MYSTERY and PICT-O-POPS were sometimes awarding LIGHT EXTRA BALL and
    SPECIAL when there were none available to award.
    - Completing a mode could light EXTRA BALL when there were none available
    to award.
    - During BATTLE FOR THE WALL MULTIBALL, sometimes the ball saver would run
    for an extended period of time.
    - Sometimes the time allowed for CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE was not as long as it
    should be.
    - Video mode collision detect fixed.
    - Fixed LORD OF LIGHT handling. The save effects and INSTANT INFO were
    sometimes indicating LORD OF LIGHT was in effect when it wasn't.
    - Fixed Bonus Held. It will now only give an extra bonus if on the last ball
    and you do not have an extra ball.

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    Wow huge update Yet to play this title but looks like itís getting a ton of love

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    Quote Originally Posted by GORGAR 1 View Post
    Wow huge update Yet to play this title but looks like it’s getting a ton of love
    You and Ben (if he is interested. ) welcome anytime mate.

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    Great update.
    No more Martel.
    Lannister is the way to go ..

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