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Thread: MGL 23 - Game 8 ~ Toki ~ [FINISHED]

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    Quote Originally Posted by OOO View Post
    Interesting feedback, for what is claimed not so fun ...

    OK, is it worse than Turtles or Crush Roller or Willow?
    Trying to work out the worst game of all in the MGL ... ever ...

    Didn't mind Turtles. Took a while but got in the swing.
    Willow was ok, but not great IMO.
    Crush Roller IS one of my all time faves. Seems that it has it's haters around here, but I always liked it.

    Thanks again for a great comp OOO. I struggled to find time for this one, but as usual enjoyed the time I spent so thanks.
    Congrats to Rob. The shirt is an absolute corker!

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    Ohh lol I thought I would give good old Toki another go to raise my score and its monday lol being busy as of late , being doing up my Mini Leyland and drinking too much booze .... Looking forward to the next game

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