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Thread: MGL 23 - Game 7 ~ Astro Invader ~ [FINISHED]

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    Thanks Guys. Found this a great game and I don't believe I've played it before.
    A few key things for this game-

    I found to be keeping the inner 2 lanes clear on both sides, this allows you to move about without getting trapped easily.

    The counting..... It's hard to keep a count of 16 on hitting the ship after the 2nd / 3rd ship drops, but I found that as long as you hit the ship on your 8th , 12th or 16th shot you received more that 100 points per ship. If you hit one on your 8th shot you would get 300, in your next 8th shot you would get 400. Using this method I was able to get over 4k on stage one.

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    And I forgot to post a score.... Was so busy playing with my cabs it slipped my mind. Lol. Oh well.

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