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Thread: Pinball Expo 2014 - My thoughts

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    Should have bought this beauty along that i found the other day

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGR View Post
    Should have bought this beauty along that i found the other day

    You should have, we could have set it up next to video pinball, i'm guessing the nintendo one would have been the better game

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    Had one of them since the early 80's, import (gift) from Fiji if I remember correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleazius View Post
    Some really good feedback in this thread.

    Originally there were going to be title cards on each machine with just the name of the machine, who it was designed by, manufacturer, year of production, and production run numbers. This fell by the way side when it became obvious that we didn't have the time to get it sorted. I'm glad I didn't too, cause we cut the time so fine on our setup that we wouldn't have had the time to put the titles on top of the machines anyway.

    It would have been really helpful with Michael's machines because there were a bunch there that had production runs under 100 machines total. Even with Dan's and my solid states it would illustrate exactly how rare some of that stuff is.

    - Defender had a production run of 369.
    - Eclipse 193
    - Algar 349
    - Hercules due to its size there are only a handful left world wide, most operators smashed them to bits
    - Asteroid Annie 211
    - Even something like Q*bert's Quest - 884 units.

    I like the idea of an area for 'all access' pass holders, and certificates in the comp for high scores makes sense, but it'd be hard to get those done during the event. Its unlikely that we'd ever run more than one comp though. Two of the vendors (Luke and AMD) were running their own comps, and these added to the event I thought. The issue with adding more complications is that it requires more people to run. Initially the event was going to have a dinner and seminars, but we cut these in March/April when it became clear that we wouldn't have the manpower to run them.

    One of the big issues that I didn't address was the venue hours. The original hours for the event were 10am - 6pm, I think in any future event we'd probably look at moving hours to that. I'd also chop an hour off the lock-in. By 4am on the Friday there were maybe 30 people left in the venue. There were probably closer to 50 on the Saturday. It'd be a better idea to shut up at 3am I think at least on the Friday. Just give everyone a chance to sleep for more than 2hrs (which was about what we were getting).
    The rare SS pins made my weekend, and of course the first game with flippers, Humpty Dumpty.
    Things to make the next one better?
    1.You guys need to work in shifts, ie some guys leave at midnight to come back at opening time, while the guys that suffer through to closing time can come in later the next day.
    2.Definitely need more volunteers. I'd gladly take more time off work to help if there was a next time, hopefully other locals would too. ( in saying that if you had more machines from different people, they would also almost certainly be a volunteer( hoping Wildball would be more involved))
    3. You need a contact that is available 24/7 for ticket sales etc.
    4. Now remember when wonderland had $5 after 5?, I think you need something like that, ie $10'after 3 (or 4)!so punters not used to pinball can get a go for 2hrs for $10 but still have to finish at 5pm with everybody else. ( I think $30for the day is great price, but people are tight arses)
    5.having a little bit of a4 paper? Saying the age of the machine plus any extraordinary details would of been tops.( like first machine with flippers etc..)
    6. The comp was well run, but maybe have the top 16 from Friday (lock ins) and the top 16 from the Saturday form up the top 32 would of been good.

    I'm not bagging you guys, I know it was a massive effort for virtually no return, and if you did get a return, it didn't no way pay for your efforts.
    But if you want it to be successful, it needs to be anually, so people who miss out can look forward to it next year. ( or maybe I am just dreaming thinking pinball is back from the dead!)
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