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Thread: MGL 21 - Timeout

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    MGL 21 - Timeout

    Dear MGLers,

    I thought I would post a new thread for MGL rest and recreation.

    You know like right now, when you have blown so many bubbles your balls b#r*t!
    How many times have you bounced all over the screen at a million miles an hour in the Wild Ride?
    How about Ghost punch ups in Pac-Land?

    Well when you are posting a score or want to take a timeout, check out here for games of the MGL or games yet to come ...

    Here's The Top 15 Arcade Games of The 1980s according to someone.
    Some of these have been played in the MGL before.
    Check them out and what do you think?
    Post away and I'll post my thoughts afterward so as not to spoil what's coming up next ...

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    My comments on these games:

    15 Tower of Drugar

    Never ever heard of it, doesn't look like my kind of game but I'll load it up and give it a shot

    14 Frogger

    Never really played this BITD, I sucked at it and didn't get value for my 20 cents. I really enjoyed it when it came up in the MGL, but even for the 1980's it's collision detection was pretty horrible. It is a classic, possibly elevated more because of the infamous George Constanza score

    13 Roboton

    I've given this a shot, and I honestly do not see the attraction in this game. I've never seen an original machine, only played on MAME using keyboard however.

    12 Q*Bert

    Fantastic game, and a true classic. The somewhat patternability to this game sort of spoils it a bit for me, but I'd still like to master and be capable of marathoning this game.

    11 1943

    Got to say I've never played this (apart from maybe 1 min on MAME) - never saw one of these machines BITD, but I obviously saw and played (and loved) the original 1942. I've probably put 1942 in the top 15 here in Australia because AFAIK 1943 wasn't as well known or available.

    10 Sinistar

    Another game I've never played, nor heard of before. I sucked at Asteroids, so if I did ever see this in an arcade I probably wouldn't have bothered with it.

    9 Dig Dug

    I'll play it, but never really felt the love for it. I couldn't imagine marathoning this game, not sure why, it just doesn't do it for me

    8 Bubble Bobble

    Never felt the love for this one also, but yeah I'd consider it a classic. Music and graphics were pretty cool for it's time.

    7 Strider

    Never ever heard, seen or played this one. Looks like the kind of game I'd suck at

    6 Gradius

    Ditto for No. 7

    5 TMNT


    4 Arkanoid

    Great game, so many PC clones. Doesn't play well on MAME without a spinner/trackball so I don't play it

    3 Donkey Kong

    Definite top 15 game, but had I not seen King of Kong I probably wouldn't have agreed as I didn't know all of the history.

    2 Galaga

    Great game, I sucked at it way too much so I got on Gyruss where I got more bang for my buck - but a definite top 15 also.

    1 Pac-Man

    Probably the game most responsible for me getting hooked on these bloody stupid games. I suck at it, and I lost all interest in it when I found out that pattern play (hard as it may be) can lead to the perfect game. This game probably got more people hooked on arcade games than any other game IMO.

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    My rankings of the games that were nominated in the video (severe bias as you might expect ... ):

    15. Tower of Druaga - BITD probably ground breaking. Thumbs down from me for gameplay. In this list of 15, is correctly last - I don't know how this got anywhere near the 15!
    14. Frogger - Classic game, novel sounds, fast pace with fine timing. However one not so interesting screen, though it is challenging. Agree 14th.
    13. Strider - Never liked this style of game, though it looks good and has some variation. I rank 13th instead of 7th.
    12. TMNT - Sorry not a fighting game fan but it is an OK game. I rank 12th instead of 5th.
    11. Sinistar - Excellent cab, speech and setup. However like Time Pilot, not a fan, very little variation (how many different types of enemy ships - what 2?), spinning around all day, you get dizzy. I rank 11th instead of 10th.
    10. Galaga - I respect all people who like this game, but BITD, so many people did the cheat it stank. Call me crazy, but I slightly prefer Galaxian to Galaga!
    And Galaga Arrangement is much superior to Galaga for fun IMO. I rank 10th instead of 2nd. BTW this is the no.1 ranked game in the AA polls (So what does that say about my taste!)
    Also BITD this game had earnings staying power in the arcades for up to 10 years.
    9. Arkanoid - Novel game and great variations of power ups, shot and screens. I was a big Breakout fan when it came out (so novel with a paddle), this is like the steroid version. It's OK. I rank 9th instead of 4th.
    8. Roboton - Novel two joysticks, terrific sounds, manic, but not a big fan of the game. I rank 8th not 13th. Very rare to find BITD in Sydney - why? Because it had the two sticks and LAI/Hankin did not make cabs with these special controls (and did not import them in either).
    7. 1943 - (That cricket/whistle sound in 1942 drives me crazy, it goes on all game). So much better music and for a shooter challenge with some ships to shoot at, "at last", it's OK. Far better than 1942! I rank 7th instead of 11th.
    6. Q*Bert - Wacky, mental, 3D pyramid, a swearing character, Ugg and Wrong way jumps, Slick and Sam colour changers, it's quite interesting and challenging. I rank 6th instead of 12th.
    5. Donkey Kong - I like the style and sounds of this game. Also it is quite challenging with 4 interesting frames. King of Kong was a movie to make money (what else would you expect, it's a movie to max revenue) and generate interest, with plenty of fiction. An important film to some classic gaming fans as it highlights the games of that era in today's world. I rank 5th instead of 3rd.
    4. Bubble Bobble - Fun game, great music, all that food, colourful, so many different stages and types of enemies, novel bubble feature, group bubbles to burst, 2 player option - really good game!
    I rank 4th instead of 8th.
    3. Dig Dug - This game has it all for that era. New action pump, fruit bonuses, so many different stages and then the repeating 4 stage loop, where the monsters move so fast in the higher stages for a long time. Very challenging and you need great tactics and timing. Well balanced game design for the player. Popular game BITD and ate your money quickly. I rank 3rd instead of 9th.
    2. Gradius - In the video it talks about the series of games. The Gradius IV, V and Gaiden versions are excellent visually, the games very hard and the different stages are very interesting and deadly. You will experience a wide variety of interesting powerups and ridiculous situations of extreme danger. Sand worms, dragons, unbelievable bosses both mechanical and lifeform, those crazy heads from Easter Island and the really terrific soundtracks make this for me, in my Top 5 shooters of all time. I rank 2nd instead of 6th.
    1. Pac-Man - Now in the video it mentions the series of Pac games and they picked Pac-man. Pac-Man was the number one selling machine in the world, more than Space Invaders, at 400,000 units.
    The original Pac-Man machine had those terrific colourful ghosts, the great sounds, the fruits and the terrific game engine. Did not see many of these BITD, despite the craze in the USA.
    Now I am going to cheat a bit here, and say Ms Pac-man (excellent game engine, smooth graphics, deadly, 4 different frames that get harder, moving fruits) is the no.1 game if I can take it from the video.
    If not, then Pac-Man moves down to no.6, and Gradius is my no.1 pick!

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    What a crap list - As he said - Yours will be different.
    An American list - By someone in their late 20's.

    American titles we (I) never saw here (Sinstar, Tower of drugar)
    I'm pretty sure I saw Strider and maybe Gradius BITD in Oz.
    And the rubbish like TMNT (Bad colours, Bad game, What is good about it?)
    While there is no Scramble, Bump'n'Jump, BattleZone or other classics.

    The titles like Dig Dug, Frogger, Galaga, Donkey Kong & Pac Man are ok.
    And while space invaders was released in '78, It was very popular in the early 80's.

    Interesting to watch nonetheless!

    Moon Patrol, Joust, Moon Cresta and maybe Xevious should be on that list too.
    Not to mention Monaco GP and the others like Outrun & Starwars in their full cabinet glory.

    There is a real distinction between early 80's and late 80's games making the top games of the whole 80's a bit silly.
    eg, Gauntlet, Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Altered Beast and other late 80's games with improved hardware.
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    TWO WEEKS TO GO ON MGL 21 ... TIMEOUT No.2 ...

    Grab your dinner or a midnight snack, take a seat, relax ... and enjoy your meal on this detailed gem on the beginning of video games for the next 45 minutes ...

    How it all started on a hunch, game design, hiring bad guys, 25,000 to 150,000, 500 to 28 million, the brown box, flower cards, the birth of Donkey Kong, why jumpman wears a cap and Game 5 in MGL 21 ...

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    I never heard of Robotron back in the day either, but if you have twin sticks (I use a twin stick USB joystick) it is bloody awesome. The original 'twitch' game (",)
    Danny Galaga- the man with no signature...

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    robotron gets a lot of play on my cab.. its great when there are a few people milling around.. its fast, furious and noisy and games are over quickly..

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    I've ranked these as the most playtime these games would get if I had them all.
    Bubble Bobble and Strider would make my top 20 of all time.

    1. Bubble Bobble
    2. Strider
    5.Donkey Kong
    The rest I've never played.

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    I actually only built my mame cabinet for one game ... GALAGA !!!
    I could have built a galaga specific cab, but when I researched online I found mame and saw that I could have thousands of games and I had a spare PC's at the time...
    The only games Ive had on my mame cabinet till recently are :
    GALAGA !!!
    Space invaders
    DK jr
    1941 > 1943
    and frogger.

    the games I loved when I was a young bloke

    Thats what I like about getting involved in MGL. Im forced to play other games that I would not normally try.
    I never played metal slug untill a few weeks ago (thanks for that ! )
    and I can assure you that I would only have wasted about 80c in a qix game before I returned to the galaga or space invaders machine in the old arcade that I played in

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