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Thread: Notice to Non Australian residence / members

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    You need to hire an apprentice Joey

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    Quote Originally Posted by namastepat View Post
    Locals understand and support everything Jomac does for us because we are the ones that get the best monitor tech around

    Cannot even begin to express how much after market service Joey has given me for the chassis I have bought off him. Above and beyond.
    i agree and ive done the occasional roadtrip and pass thru to his shop and hes always stopped a job he was on to help me also

    hes a asset to the community.

    thou he has made me a stop at every crt now i see to check model numbers
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    Yep I agree, Joey always gives awesome service, far above and beyond what you would expect from anyone else.

    Am amazed that people ship you things without discussing it with you first, I bet that is fun when they think you then owe them either free shipping back or the fix they were hoping for.
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