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Thread: TAG - Thunderbirds Pinball - NOW with machine BUILD details!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replay View Post
    blank space still, will try tapatalk. Cheers

    Edit: works on tapatalk
    you guys will buy apple stuff. Next someone will tell me itunes is fun to use lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinball god View Post
    you guys will buy apple stuff. Next someone will tell me itunes is fun to use lol.
    Never used iTunes or any add on app for that matter.
    Don't have music on my iPad or phone.

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    I was having too much fun today and forgot to take many pictures. This is the best I can do. Iíll do better tomorrow.

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    Apparently the changes to be made are
    Flipper gap to be reduced by 4mm.
    Center ramp entrance wider and steeper.
    Mole target to be captive ball.
    Outlane wire guides to be posts with rubbers.
    Thunderbirds 2 toy reduced in size.
    The art is great and sounds awesome with 18 sountracks.
    Things like the sacrificial rails under cab are a great idea.
    I asked a number of questions and found Mike to be great answering all my questions and spending more time than l would have expected going though all the answers.

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    Some game play recorded today at Pinfest.... I have not had a chance to crop it but not a bad start...

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    TAG - Thunderbirds Pinball - Parts updates ONLY

    The following is all based on the prototype's machines which contain a number of non-production items.

    These opinions below is just my own brain dump, in no specific order, and may contain a significant number of inconsistencies and grammatical oxymoron's.
    I reserve the right to perceive things totally wrong at any time

    I won't have a massive amount of game play detail as I need to practice more.


    In in a similar fashion to the latest stern pin pictures of the side cabinet decals dont do the pin justice.
    Originally I thought the cabinet looked too baby blue but in person it is a mix of white clouds and blue sky.
    The decals themselves seem to be made from quite thick textured material (see upclose photo).


    I'd guess its quite hard wearing in comparison to normal thin decals.
    I quite like the cabinet side art with the predominate thunderbird 2 aircraft.

    Cabinet parts
    Nice Plungers, coin doors. All quality. All everything you'd normally expect so you don't notice it.
    Nice little addition to the coin door is the IR hand logo.
    Small things but nice to have in this in this day and age when stern cutting everything not nailed.

    This is easily a standout item. I love the sides of the head box.
    The electroluminescent decals are outstanding. See video.
    I believe the headbox is locked to the main body by bolts inside the head. No turn lock or external latch, all internal. No pic.


    Side rails actually cover the front corners also. So good bye to the front decals getting knocked when moving the machine around.


    Lock down bar seems to be a standard pin lock downbar.



    I was told that 1 of the 2 toppers was damaged in transit and that was why only 1 was on.
    I did not see the other in action. I don't know if it is or will be tied to action on the playfield (im sure Mike mentioned it somewhere but I cant recall off hand).
    The topper actions seems to be that vehicles can slide into and out of view.
    Sort of like a moving diaorama.

    Back glass
    The translite seems to be reverse screenprinted onto the plexiglass.


    It has the speaker panels cut into them ahla circus voltaire.
    The art around the speakers and dmd suits the theme and is better than just being stern black.
    Backglass Art style. I don't hate it but I don't love it.
    I can see why eclectic gamers podcast suggested a retheme to "Team America" for a US release "America F$%k yeah!"



    Stock orange dmd style BUT seems to be made from leds.
    I'm sure this is something Mike had also mentioned in the past.
    I personally think it could have perhaps been single colored to more match in with the rest of the color scheme.
    Say blue? Owners could possibly change it and put a blue gel over it or something.
    The other thing was that I could see how all the little pieces goes together.
    Once again this could be less noticable by using a gel cover or something. The leds are so bright that they should be able to compensate.
    That is a minor issue.
    With the games animations and score display it seems to be a standard high speed 2 style of animations.
    Example. thunderbird 2's load module door opening.Not sure if I had a recording or picture of this.
    I did notice something I mentioned to @toads in which when there is a score on screen it will noticably do an upwards "scan" through the score. Pretty sure its in the video I took.
    I'm not sure if that was a deliberate effect or software bug. It didn't occur anywhere else that I saw.

    Flippers. Standard williams length flippers with a nice little homepin logo.


    Standard flipper gap (as far as I could tell).
    2 ramps. 1 of them is always available. I'll call this the main ramp.
    The other is only available for small windows of time when activated buy the drop targets below it. I'll call this the T2 ramp.
    T1 switch. There is a 1/2 loop up the top left hand side. Unsure what this actally does @RGR ?
    The mole switch. Unsure what this does.


    @RGR ? Any time I hit it it said "too soft" or something. One of the moles was damaged in transit. So it was missing its drill section.
    Left outlane has a post. Doesnt seem to have the 3 hole adjustments we are used to.


    Right outland does not. Can drain quite easily here.
    Slings. Now on the left most prototype machine there were "blinder" plastics covering the metal returns and part of the slings.
    The right machine did not have these. See pics.


    I forgot to ask sid what the purpose of these were for but he mentioned they were optional.
    These made it significantly harder for me to time the shots as you only saw the ball just before it hit the start of a flipper.
    The thing is that the design on them is really nice. See pic.
    The pool mech. I never got to see this in action so I assume it is a multiball or other mode trigger. I did see that below the T2 model there is a diverter. I assume this is what sends the ball to the pool.
    Small things. Clear washers added below rounded nut heads on plastics, What a novel idea!

    The main ramp.


    I believe this is not the final ramp and is due for redesign anyway BUT I did notice a couple of issues with what we were presented with.
    Its size needs to be changed a little. This will reduce the likelyhood of airballs and also make the balls travel over it smoother.
    I'd like to see the production one utilise a nicer method of delivering the ball into the top lane area. Prototype one just allows the ball to drop into the area.
    I highly doubt the material this particular ramp was made from would be their production grade plastic.
    I'd like to see this ramp be a little flatter. I did notice that there was some space above the pops that it could be put into.
    This would reduce the steepness of this ramp. I think this would reduce the feeling of it being close.
    There was also a colored led strip under oneside of the ramp. Not sure of the design aspect of this. Is it supposed to be like an airfields landing lights? Unsure.

    T2 ramp.

    This ramp is below the t2 model and leads to how balls are locked.
    Once triggered by the targets below thunderbird 2 (big green aircraft) the amp will lower for something like 10 seconds.
    During this time if you get the ball up the ramp it will allow a ball to ever the right side ramp where a pin just near the two palm trees will store locked balls. Similar to game of thrones.
    Now, the trick here is that to get multiball you need to lock all 3 balls in a SINGLE ball.
    There are led lights below the T2 model that illuminate the ramp when it is lowered.

    T2 model.
    Its huge! As T2 was my favorite I was glad to see it.
    The model itself "seemed" to currently be 3d printed as I could make out the layers.
    So my guess is that this is once again just a prototype model and not a production one.
    No idea what the production version will be.
    Would be nice to see the cockpit area or rear jet areas light up.

    Flipper buttons
    These seemed to have a slightly deeper finger goove. Trivial but I noticed it.
    And then i went and played a range of other pins that had similar buttons so its perhaps my limited pin experience.

    Under playfield
    I did see a couple of times when work was being performed that there were a couple of arms to help hold the playfield up (just like the ones in a williams)
    It also seemed to have a smooth action when putting the playfield back in. No stern hump!
    I didn't get to see the entire playfield up so can't comment on anything else inside.

    Rear of playfield
    I almost forgot about this. It seems like the back of the playfield had el like the headbox sides.

    Game play
    paging : @RGR
    In short it was brutal to me.
    I got in perhaps 10 games but I still didnt know what to do. Given more time (without queues behind) i'd probably read the game card and try and understand what I should be doing apart from shooting ramps.
    From watching others it was all generally short ball times.

    I've gotten use to playing more recent sterns in which everything is so far away at the other end of the playfield, so playing this was different.
    The main ramp felt close, but different can be good.
    Cabinet is solid.
    Art style is subjective. Some will like it others won't, but hey everyone said the same thing about star wars
    Really felt like i'd expect a pin to feel like. It had the weight in it.
    There are a few little things that need taking care of but it seems like Mike is getting there.

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    Great review @Koops

    Just to add a few points:

    The mole screw on one machine was snapped off, this happened during transit (believe the pin was dropped). Sid also mentioned to me that the production mole screw will have the metal drive shaft go up through it and not be all plastic like the current prototype.

    Also regarding the T2, Mike indicated that the production unit will be slightly smaller and will be moulded rather than the current 3D printed version

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    One thing that hasnít been mentioned much is the music on this machine. The sound is FANTASTIC - great speakers - and the music is catchy and fun to play along to.

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    I think the lockdown bar is a kind of tough moulded or vacuum formed plastic. Maybe the same as the shooter housing? Thereís a PET playfield protector over the top of the playfield hence Mikeís earlier statement about not having to worry about dimpling and clear coat chipping etc.

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    TAG - Thunderbirds Pinball - Parts updates ONLY

    Did you see the underside though?

    It has plain unpainted steel attached to it. I wasn't close enough at the time to see weld marks. Could always be glued I suppose.

    I don't think that pet was everywhere OR the stuff I'm thinking of was just the protective sheet over the pet. I'll see if I can tell on my photos.

    Edit : found one with it. I was under the impression it was on there just for the show. You can see it crossing the word mole.

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