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Thread: Pinfest 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodolddays View Post
    Huge thanks to everyone involved in running Pinfest 2013. Had a great day there on Saturday .
    That Star Trek was blinding fast ... too damn fast for me

    Hats off to whoever owns that Supersonic . Top notch resto right there .
    Ken, from Ken's pinball repairs did own it, but it was sold early on Saturday morning to a rather lucky new owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foot View Post

    @furballx didn't anyone want an autograph mate
    2 hunge per auto was probably a bit steep Foot. Might try it at a hundred next time and see what happens
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    Remember--The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!

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    Back in Melbourne after 2000km round trip in the car.

    Hats off to the organisers who continue to lead the way with pinball congregations of this size in Australia. Trailblazing stuff.

    Had a good time and the crowds were friendly and certainly enjoying themselves. Good to see most machines standing up to the use and most in decent playing condition.



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    I just spent an hour making a post loaded with pics and stories and the forum wiped it because I took too long not happy Jan!

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    The Pinball Project 2012/13

    As a young adult I loved bands , the louder the better
    and it didn't get any better than Tumbleweed.
    As a child I loved Pinball.... and torches and beepers and
    magnets... but mostly Pinball.
    Much time has passed , I've loved I've lost , gained a few pounds
    tryed my hand as a speaker builder a reluctant muso and electronics tech
    not much has changed.I can go anywhere with anyone and if there's
    a Pinny in the corner I gotta have a go " Andrew the movie has started ! "
    "not yet I 've got multiball lit " and I still love Tumbleweed.
    So not so long ago a mate dropped a Pinball over to my place
    to store while he renovated the back of his house.
    I'd never had a Pinny in my house before,
    I mean it didn't work but what an amazing combination of wood work ,
    metal work electromechanical artwork both visual and digital.
    I had to have a crack at fixing it.
    Two years later I have six of my own two of which I have made myself.

    The 'Color Demon' was built in the three months after pinfest 2012.
    I decided little kids needed a machine to play, something silly and
    simple . The poor 'Dogs Race' . Now there's a lot of people none to
    happy that I junked that machine for this project.Lets face it no one
    could fix it , I was the last in a string of people who had passed around
    that hot potato.
    The game is simple four colors appear in four places get all the colors
    get a multiball , this happens often . For more elaborate game rules
    read the instruction card ( I never do )or just hit what's flashing that'll
    do the trick.

    Tumbleweed... this all started with the AC/DC machine....I thought
    why cant I have a pinball with my favorite band as the theme ...?
    At that point I should have just said 'oh well'? but I didn?t,I started
    drawing, buying timber, buying parts
    (Since I am writing this eight weeks before Pinfest 2013 you are in a
    better position to judge how it turned out . Is it even in the room ?
    some sort of weird time travel going on here ).
    My favorite Pinnies of course are the ones from my youth,mostly old
    electromechanicals and solid state gems, Pioneer, Mata Hari ,Playboy
    it?s a long list .....
    Tumbleweed sits in between these two technologies using relays and
    transistors and lots and lots of diodes and unlike Color demon Tumbleweed
    requires a more serious approach during game play.
    This has been made possible by the use of electronic 0 > 9 counters.
    These counters make the heart of the machine without the need for a
    CPU or a motor board traditionally used.A more organic
    system where changes or additions to game play can be made without affecting
    'the code' or adding to already cramped motor boards.
    The same board being used for all functions ,scores, game resets ,ball counting
    And of course multiball...
    The idea that if one learnt about a sigle board and one could learn about the whole game.
    Tech talk over, I had to put it in they made me do it.

    Tumbleweed, the great rock songs and kooky art work all perfect for pinball
    all yours to play at Pinfest 2013 along with the Color Demon and heaps
    of old school to brand spankin new Pinballs and Arcade games

    Thankyou for all the help from the Newcastle pinball community for the parts the
    coffees the pizzas literally couldn?t have done it without you.

    Big thanks to Tumbleweed a band still out there playing and recording 20 years on .
    These guys gave their blessing for this project straight up...pretty cool to just release their
    music and artwork to a pinhead with a dream? or is it a nightmare?...
    we'll see in September.

    Andrew Kress

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    I'm just back after another amazing weekend at Pinfest. Full marks to ALL involved from the owner of the
    venue to the "purple shirt" guys and gal - the owners of all the fantastic machines and all of the unsung
    'heros' that made this event not just possible but EXCEPTIONAL! Especially to the generous Slevbros.

    Most of the "purple shirts" (missing a few from this picture)

    The place was chocka pretty well all weekend - the buzz was incredable and there was always something to
    play as long as you weren't too fussy.

    This little guy was engrossed playing Empire Strikes Back with dad in the background offering helpful advice
    (which he ignored - hahaha)

    The display by the Pinball Rescue guys was one of the best I have seen anywhere - there must be a lot of pin
    collectors that rest easy knowing that these guys are on the job making world class quality parts - most that
    I looked at were so superior to the originals it isn't funny.

    I know only too well that sometimes the originals
    are pretty ordinary, let's face it the manufacturers way back then were selling machines to operators who would
    site them and after a few years they were basically junked. Quality and finish were not very high on their list
    that's pretty obvious when you compare Pinball Rescue products to some original parts.

    I was fortunate to have a good chat with Andrew Hankin (son of David Hankin)

    David Hankin was chuffed when I presented him with a Homepin replacement MPU and Solenoid/Lamp driver
    board for his Howzat machine.

    Here is Bruce from AMD drawing the lucky winning ticket (number 13 interestingly) for the beautifully presented Maverick

    The winner, when contacted refused to believe he had won. He previously had no machines and bought two tickets.
    Eventually he was convinced that he had better get back to the venue and bring a ute or trailer. Here he is being
    presented with the keys

    Something I found to be typical of most pin enthusiasts was the helpful advice to the new owner - how to fold the
    backbox/remove legs/get inside/where the keys are/and a myriad of other things that would make things a LOT
    easier for a 'newbie'. The advice offered was genuine and forthcoming.
    I suggested to him that by this time next year he would have at least two machines - hahaha

    Here he is still smiling after plenty of help to load up the prize.

    It is hearwarming to see that all of our hard work IS paying off at Homepin. These two beautifully presented
    Zacs both have new Homepin MPU boards fitted and were played solidly all weekend and hardly missed a beat

    Here is a picture that possibly should be the promo picture used for pinball. This young guy was so engrossed
    playing the Space Race EM - his mother kept trying in vain to get him to look at her for a picture but he just kept
    playing and kept saying "NO" - it was hilarious.

    One of the busier guys on the weekend, Ken made sure all machines kept clanking along and it was never too much trouble
    to ask him to have a look if a machine had some problem - it was attended to instantly and without a gripe.

    I was (quite innocently) taking pictures of machines and players but when I snapped this picture a 'furry' guy
    whispered in my ear (exact words) "you'll go to jail for that"........hahahaha

    I thought that I had better 'keep the balance' of pics so I took this one next:

    Someone has already posted pictures of Andrews simply stunning homemade effort 'Tumbleweed' - a homebrew, fully
    licenced pinball machine. A brilliant effort by a very smart guy. I managed to grab some pictures of the inside when
    Andrew was making a few adjustments it ran almost flawlessly all weekend and proved very popular with all players.
    A brilliant effort!

    Here is one guy giving me a cheque for his Thunderbirds pinball - some cynics suggested the cheque could be
    a bit dodgy but I don't think so....even from a KIWI.....hehehe

    All in all there is no doubt that Pinfest will remain THE premier pinball event in Australia that others will be
    measured against.

    Perhaps next year it might be an idea to have a rep from the charity there for a bit of publicity receiving a
    cheque even if the cheque was from the previous year???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homepin View Post
    I just spent an hour making a post loaded with pics and stories and the forum wiped it because I took too long not happy Jan!
    I copy and paste to notepad, because I have had the same thing happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extra Ball View Post
    I copy and paste to notepad, because I have had the same thing happen.
    +1 ^

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    Quote Originally Posted by furballx View Post
    2 hunge per auto was probably a bit steep Foot. Might try it at a hundred next time and see what happens
    same result!

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    For those of you who are interested

    The Bride of Pinbot had over the weekend
    Games: 343
    Average game time: 2min 48Sec
    Total time played approx 15.5 hrs

    If only I had it on $1 a play!

    A great weekend!

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