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Thread: MGL 17 - Nominate your games here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelly View Post
    Hey John, for the sake of not having a repeat. Can you please swap R-Type 2 for R-Type Leo? Some people think it might as well be like swapping Pac-man for Ms Pac-man, but at least it is some what different.
    We'll do that if it comes up

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKong View Post
    It was a joke towards people always talking about Gyruss on every multi board I can think of and the irony of it not even being nominated.
    I would have nominated, but I've already played it in an MGL. Maybe next time

    Glad Mario Bros. got nominated, I've really wanted to play that one and I totally forgot to nominate it this time

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    MGL 17 - Nominate your games here

    gridlee on the App Store at the moment has an Easter egg to allow full mame on non jb iOS.. incase anyone was interested.

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