Cap replacement chart for the PC Engine GT/Turbo Express with JayCar part numbers.

Using electrolytic tag caps is the cheapest and easiest method, it only costs $5.53 for the complete set of caps from JayCar and they have them all in stock. Some of the voltage ratings are higher but this doesn't matter, in fact in theory the caps will last longer. You should get 15 years plus from these caps, not bad for a $5 investment.

You could also buy surface mount caps but JayCar have limited stock of these and only sell them in a pack of 10 which quickly gets pricey. If you're hardcore you could also use Tantalum caps but they are harder to find, more difficult to install and much more costly. If you want to travel down this path better off ordering from a bigger electrical supplier online, have an extensive range at great prices.

Credit to Red Ghost from for the information.