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Thread: Lastest Project - Multi-Cab

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    Lastest Project - Multi-Cab

    Not really sure where this project belongs. It's not an arcade cab but is a multi-purpose device. I'll put it on the jukebox section for now as it's the closest fit

    Built out of an old poker machine shell that I acquired from David_AVD about 3 years ago. Probably the best use of a poker machine ever imo. David had gutted the machine for parts and was going to dump the shell. I "rescued" it and it's sat in my garage for the last 3 years collecting dust as a "project"

    Essentially it has a 19" touchscreen in it running Simple Touch FE. The system runs a plethora of games inlcuding Poker Machines, All those Trivia/Shooter type games that were popular in UK pubs and also as a jukebox, karaoke and music video machine. It can also of course browse the net and show movies etc.

    It's still not complete but damn close so I thought I'd post the project now and complete in the next 2 weeks or so.

    It's started out looking like this:

    Attachment 38413

    Attachment 38414

    Attachment 38415

    I also stripped all the extra parts out of it. It was quite a lot actually and added a LOT of weight.

    I sanded it down and gave it a layer of undercoat (note to self. ALWAYS do two coats of undercoat) I only did one and paid for it =(

    Attachment 38416

    Attachment 38417

    Attachment 38418

    I then applied 2-3 layers of Cherry Red Gloss Enamel. All using spray cans and it's come up damn nice imo

    First Coat:

    Attachment 38419

    Attachment 38420

    Second Coat:

    Attachment 38421

    Attachment 38422

    Attachment 38423

    I then cleaned up the existing hing fittings with a little soap free steel wool. You can see the comparison here and I'm pretty happy with it.

    Attachment 38424

    Attachment 38425

    I had to manufacture both the bezel and front door as all was missing. I made the bezel out of 3mm masonite and the front door from 9mm MDF which matched the rest of the cab.

    Test fitting the door:

    Attachment 38426

    Test fitting door and bezel before coating with textured adhesive vinyl:

    Attachment 38427

    I don't have a separate picture but what DID come with the shell was the bezel retainers which consisted of polished aluminium rails and curved pieces. They had been polished and then clear-coated but the clear-coat had yellowed something terrible. I stripped the clear-coat and used the steel wool to created a brushed aluminium look. It looks fantastic but damn does it love fingerprints. I'm thinking I need to seal it with some clear-coat?

    As stated I created a bezel from 3mm masonite. I measured about 5 times before cutting as my carpentry skills are pretty bad. I then used an orbital sander to bevel the edges so that once covered in vinyl it would still slide through the aluminium retainers.

    For the door I made sure the measure up and pre-drill hinge bolt holes, door lock whole and speakers holes. Once done I then coated in black textured adhesive vinyl.

    You can now see the final result with screen, bezel and door fitted. Note the reflection of my wife studiously ignoring my awesome craftsmenship

    Attachment 38428

    Attachment 38429

    Attachment 38430

    I still need to fit, paint and mount a kick plate. I'm thinking about and placing some aluminium curve across the joint with some LED's mounted under it. That way they will be concealed, understated lighting. Possibly install a beat monitor as well

    Once this is done it's just a matter of installing the speakers and computer. Hoping to have this complete by next weekend but will update thread as I go.

    I'm considering installing a modular monitor extension for the top of the unit. This will be ideal for Music Video's and karaoke. I originally thought that a set of pinball headbox brackets would work a treat but I don't want to mar the sides for when it's not being used. Still undecided there.

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