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    Thread: Looking for Pioneer PD-MV55 CD changer serial control protocol spec

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      Looking for Pioneer PD-MV55 CD changer serial control protocol spec

      Hi everyone,

      My favorite Johnny Rockets restaurant here in California was set up with the old Seeburg Wall-o-Matic wallboxes but the whole system apparently stopped working long ago. I'm contemplating restoring it to working order somehow. This restaurant seems to have replaced the original jukebox with a custom-built controller unit that controls the wallboxes and, in turn, was set up to control some model Pioneer 6-disc CD changer that looks like a Pioneer PD-MV55 that fed a regular stereo system. That Pioneer changer seems to've given up the ghost so now they've just taken out some of the CDs and occasionally play them in a regular Sony 5-disc changer in the restaurant.

      I want to restore the whole wallbox system to working operation! I think the wallbox controller maker has long ago gone out of business (I think it was "Let's Play Music & Games" in Southern California?) so I don't expect any help from there. I'm aware cdadapter.com sells a hard-disk replacement for the Pioneer changer and even a pretty cool totally solid-state MP3 player that might do the trick but it should be possible to replace the Pioneer changer with a microcontroller-controlled CD changer remote emulator (e.g. something built on an Arduino with serial in and I/R out) to play the CDs on the Sony changer?

      Is there a good reference for the Pioneer's remote control protocol somewhere? It seems to be some 4800 baud serial protocol over a 4-pin DIN interface.

      Pin-outs and ideally a pointer to a protocol spec would be most appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,

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      Good luck Pioneer operating specs are a factory secret

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