[QUOTE=Jo H;577935]I am guessing it would be VHS. I was actually hoping to install a PC, screen up top and touchscreen where the selection list was. and of course remove mollys head!!! I did get the box VERY cheap, do you think it would still be worth playing with???? And do you know anyone that would be a great source of information to help me??
Cheers Jo[COLOR="Silver"]

you would need

touchscreen with monitor $200-300 depends on 17" or 19"
pc with software depends who you buy it of $500-1000
powered speakers or amp plus speakers , cost ? depends how you like it to sound
2nd LCD monitor to replace the top CRT $ 250 for a 22"

there is plenty of jukebox software you can download (99% shit) the good software you will be paying
in short ,, put 2k aside and start. there is no real cheap way of going it