MGL Tournament X Results

Thus concludes another MGL tournament congratulations must go to Ramere for winning and not even posting a score on a couple of games, a deserved winner for sure. It has been one of closet tournaments with the motoGP scoring, I think proving a success. Thanks jammasized for suggesting this. Can kane and Ramere PM me there postal details and I will get a trophy out to them soon.
Thanks again to everyone who played and contributed, hopefully we can get a few more players for the next one. We also might borrow another leagues format where only people who played the round before can have there nominated game up for selection for the next game.

1st Ramere 178 points (4 wins)

2nd DKong 175 points (2 wins)

3rd kane 171 points (1 Win )

4th Jammasized 168 points (2 wins)

5th Rat 155 points ( 2 wins)

6th Section Z 144 points ( 1 Win)

7th Wingtipvortex 78 points

8th shabu 69 points

9th xen 62 points

10th MonoJoker 48 points

11thMamepatrol 42 points

12th retrogamer 36 points

13th Foot 32 points

14th dezbaz 23 points

15th MarkJG 13 points