1. Earliest pinball memory ?
It all started mid 1960,s (yes the 60,s) Mum & Dad would take us to Nth Wollongong beach most Sundays -I would collect the bottles from the beach & cash them in to play the pinball at the Kiosk -6d from memory,this was the start of my pinball addiction. Most days after school were spent at the local fish shops, milk bars (Cafe's for you younger ones) - just about every one of these shops had a pinball or two. In my teenage years most Fri & Sat nights consisted of alcohol,drugs,playing pinball,snooker,pumping coins into the money machines (Bingos) then heading off to the local dance (usually ACDC,Angels etc playing & Sherbert for the girls).
Finally at the age of 21 all these addictions stopped (including pinballs & money machines) - Reason I got married & have a loving wife of 39 years (who encouraged me to rekindle my pinball passion) & 3 children/7 grandkids.
They say as you get older your'e brain goes back to youre fondest memories when you were young -mine were the pinnies.
Well i could go on but better get to Q2 before everyone nods off.

2. All time favorite pin ? Why ?
Funny thing, the only one I can remember playing was a 1963 Gottleb Sweet Hearts

3. Favorite pinball manufacture ?
The big 3 (Gottlieb,Bally,Williams) - but seem to lean towards the early Bally em's. Don't go much on the 70s Retro art.

4. Favorite game in your collection? Why ?
Bally Bazaar - This was the first machine I got and is a great player.

5. How long have you been collecting ?
8 years.

6. First game and how did you find it?
1966 Bally Bazaar off ebay - got my wife to bid as she is pretty quick on ebay -drove my Mits.Mirage to Newcastle to pickup.

7. Do you still have it?
Yes. The only machine I will keep.

8. What are you currently working on ?
Nothing at the moment - Looking for another project pin.

9. Most wanted game to add to your collection ?
Either a Pinball Magic or a Ripleys Believe It Or Not.

10. Best all time bargain game added to your collection ?
Bally Pool Sharks - Cost me a carton of beer.

11. Worst ever miss - tell us about the one that got away '
A couple, seem to come up when I have limited funds.

12. Worst ever purchase - tell us about the game you wished you never bought.
None yet I hope.

13. Describe your collection
1966 Bally Bazaar - Restored

14. Describe your gamesroom
Living in a unit with a 1 single garage is a challenge. Can fit 3 machines + room for 1 project machine.

15. Do you have other games other than pinball?
1959 Bally Carnival Queen (Bingo Machine)
60 in 1 Barcade i built.
Gemmy Zulton Fortune Teller

16. Where can you see the hobby in 10 years?
Hopefully em & electronic pinball collecting / restoring will grow & when my kids/grandkids inherit my collection & they keep them.