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Thread: Arcade Machine owners list

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    Arcade Machine owners list

    8Bit - Sega Astro City, Sega Naomi Universal Upright, Taito Egret 3 / Atomiswave
    @lienZ - MAME cab
    aaablettt -Taito upright Space Invaders, Taito upright Space Invaders (Space war 3), Taito upright Space Invaders Part II, Taito Crazy Climber US model (repro) with both Jap and US board sets, Taito aqua generic cab (AMF) 1942, Taito red generic cab, LAI 'Targ, Yachiyo cockpit Pole Position II, Taito Grand Champion
    adp81 - Big Buck World, Ridge Racer Gotlieb Namco, LAI Cruisin USA, Crusin USA, 2 Lowboy 500 games, 2 cocktail tables 276 games, Winning Run 91 driver, Dual Daytona (Refurb), Projects- 2 Neo Geo cabs, 2 Road riot cabs, police trainer shooter cab, Point Blank cab, 3 LAI uprights
    Andrew11951 - Space Intruder, Tokyo Wars Deluxe Twin, Street Fighter 2, Daytona (Japanese Double)
    andykmv - Defense Command (Defender clone), Williams Defender(2), Williams Stargate(2), Williams Joust, Williams Joust2, Williams Moon Patrol, Centuri Phoenix, Nintendo DK Jr, Nintendo MarioBros, Atari PolePositionII, Midway Pac, Midway MsPac, Sega Turbo Cockpit, Taito Lunar Rescue Pins: Gottlieb Gladiators
    andysa - Nichibutsu Moon Cresta Cocktail
    Angeee - Allied Leisure Neo Geo 6 Slot (with Art of Fighting)
    ArcadeMyk - LAI generic upright (running Midnight Resistance)
    arcadus - Speed King, Spin Out, Monte Carlo, Super Circus, Drag Races, Air Fighter, Indy 500, Super Combat, Sonar, Demo Derby, Space Encounters, Starhawk, Alpine Ski Racer, 2 x cocktails, Lowboy (Starforce), Lowboy (Slapfight), Lowboy (Shinobi), Taito Skilltester, Subroc 3D, Datafun Draw Poker, The Driver (Kasco), Daytona 500 (1976 ALI), Super Bug, F.B.I (Kasco), T-Mek, Stunt Pilot, Crash (Exidy), Space War (Vectorbeam)
    AskJacob - Cabaret (48-in-1), Lowboy (Mortal Kombat), Nintendo Playchoice 10 Super Deluxe
    baz - 2 x Space Invaders (Taito), 2 x Space Invaders Part 2 (LAI), Space Invaders Part 2 (Taito), Space Invaders Part 2 cocktail (Taito), Darth Invaders cocktail, Missile Command (Atari), Missile X (Taito), Galaxy Wars (Artic), Jatre Specter cocktail 1979, Jatre, Squash 1973 Aunger Electronics & Space Duel ( Atari )
    Bazza7890 - SFII Champion edition, Dedicated Upright.
    Bendragon - 26" LAI Upright 2 player (TMNT-style)
    benish - Puckman (cocktail), Lowboy (with Amiga 1200)
    bennyfactor - Lowboy 19" monitor - MAME, DIY Ms Pacman cocktail 21" (Dezbaz style) - MAME
    Blktgr74 Lai lowboy 60 in 1, Home made moon patrol with 138 in 1, 32 in buck hunter converted with 1940 in 1, ranger mission in a viper cab
    blontic - Astro City running mame
    blue95 - Gottlieb Challenger Driving Cab, Sammy Extreme Hunting, Repro Nintendo Donkey Kong with 60 in 1, Big Buck Safari
    boogieman - Taito 20" Classic Upright, LAI / Universal 20" Upright, LAI 20" Cocktail, LAI 20" Lowboy
    boxingkoala - Lowboy JAMMA (48-in-1), Lowboy (project)
    Brad - LAI Space Ace (MAME), Woody Lowboy (MAME), LAI Rampage (MAME), Sit Down Pole Position (Mame), LAI Cocktail, Generic Italian Upright, Galaxian Bartop, 2 Player Space Invaders Bartop, NeoGeo (Mame)
    Brad1984 -Taito egret 2 cabs x2, Atomiswave sd cab, Lai lowboy, USA NBA Jam Te cabinet, USA Mortal Kombat, USA Mortal Kombat 2, LAI TMNT dedicated, USA Street Fighter 2 dedicated, Killer instinct 2 USA cab dedicated, Nintendo playchoice 10 dual screen, Tmnt in time konami, USA 4 player, Capcom big blue ssf2t, Dynamo street fighter 2 Ce dedicated
    BubbaMc -Astro City
    Burra749 - 2 x Astro City, Neo Geo (4 slotter), Neo Geo (6 slotter), Hankin cocktail
    bwodie - Astro City, Namco Exceleena, Neo Candy, Mortal Kombat 2, NBA Jam, Mad Dog McCree, Point Blank, Ridge Racer
    candyflip- SANKYO Flying Carpet II, SANKYO CR King Star SP, Nishijin CR Splenby V, Sankyo Fever STAR WARS, SANKYO Thunder Dragon GP, KYORAKU Lucky Cat, SANKYO Casino 2 GP, Hokoku Vintage 'rose lady', Nishijin Derby King, Nishijin Petango Boshijin P2
    cants - LAI lowboy (with NBA Jam TE 1.0)
    Claude - Dedicated Sega Hang-On [Sit-Down Model] ,Atomiswave SD, Taito Cocktails x 2 (20" & 14"), LAI Lowboys x 2, New Old Stock Cocktail (20"), Hankin Replica (Gamedude)
    con - 28" Gottlieb Challenger Upright ripoff, 2 x Taito Egret 2s
    coolspot - 4x final lap, LAI crash, lowboy, bartop, hankin cocktail, arcade paradise 3, area 51, house of the dead, buck hunter, caza fantasmas, lethal enforcers and bubble bobble.
    Crafty - 3 X LAI Lowboy's - (60 in 1, NEO-GEO Multi Cart, Dedicated Heavy Barrel), Versus City - Tekken 5, Taito Cocktail Cab - 60 in 1,
    Cocktail Cab dedicated Gyruss, Nintendo Cocktail Cab, Generic Cab running Pandora King of Air (Vertical), Generic Lowboy Cab running Pandora 4 board, Twin Driver - San Francisco Rush
    daics3522 - Lowboy (48-in-1), Custom 2 Player Cocktail (MAME), Bartop Cabinets (2 x Projects), Single Driving Cabinet (PS2), Geoforce Touchscreen Jukebox
    daisjun - Neo Geo MVS Dedicated 4 Slot, Strider Lowboy, Galaxian Cocktail
    daithidownunder - 26" LAI Lowboy Neo Geo MVS
    damappz - Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition
    dannyboy87 - Sega Astro City, Sega Naomi Universal Upright
    darksoft - Lemans 24
    Davefjedi - Pole Position (sitdown), 2 x Hankin (20" cocktails - 1 MAME, 1 bombjack), Lowboy JAMMA (20" with single slot Neo Geo), Operation Wolf, Upright (26" with 1000 in 1 redbox), Track N Field (20")
    David_AVD - Lowboy (48-in-1)
    David Ibbetson - 1496-in-1 Astro City Cab, Neo Geo Multicart
    Davotron - LAI Playchoice 10 (with dual screens)
    Dazza B - ALLIED LEISURE Crack Shot, ALLIED LEISURE F-114, Big Strike Bowling, Carnival King Big Top Shooter, CHICAGO COIN Coney Island Rifle, CHICAGO COIN Motorcycle, KASCO FBI Gun Shoot Out, KASCO Flying Ducks, Indy 500, L&A Ind Exerion (not working), TAITO Cross Fire , TAITO Gunslinger, TAITO Speed Race x 2, Upright 1068 game Jamma Arcade Machine, Sega Missile, Sega Grand Prix, Chicago Coin Goalee, Taito Upright Space Invaders
    ddstoys - Midway chopper, Sega punching bag, Williams ten strike, Genco motorama, Seeburg coon hunt, 1955 king of swat (Williams), 1945 circus romance (Williams), 1958 bonus bowling alley (United), 1957 dale burp gun aka crooks saloon aka cops n robbers, 1950 U.S. marshals, 1950s flip ball, 1952 genco 400, 1940s Brian's clock, 1966 midway captain Kidd, 1971 bally roadrunner, 1940 silver king duck hunt, 1930s Imp trade stimulator, 1905 pepsin gum penny drop, 1933 jumping jack, 1920-30 Gottlieb grip tester, 1934 exhibit selectem, ABT challenger 1940s, 1890s mutoscope, 1950s gypsy, 1950s jf frantz pot of gold, 1976 Daytona 500, 1940 munves bike race, 1900 mills electricity is life, 1940 sky jump, 1940 artorama (nude viewer), 1940 hi ball, 1950 tank buster, 1940 win a nestle Alwin, 1933 Bryans trickler, 1940s wineasy
    DeChief - Taito Space Invaders Color cocktail, Rotary-Fighter-DX cocktail, multicade 600 game (two players, 6 buttons for fighters).
    dee2eR - lai neogeo 4 slot lowboy, yachiyo space stranger mark 2 cocktail, ikaruga 20 inch upright self built, jamma 27 inch upright self built, LAI Galaxian/Moon Cresta, Universal Cosmic Guerilla
    dezbaz - Dragons Lair (LAI), 2 x Pacman Cocktail Repro's - 48 in 1, 21" Pac/Qbert combo (147 games), Asteroids LAI, Battlezone LAI, Lunar Lander LAI, Star Wars Upright, Donkey Kong Repro, Crazy Climber Cocktail, Sit down driving cabinet mame, LAI Asteroids Cocktail
    dizamo - Fatboy (with 1068-in-1)
    djsheep - New Astro City x 2
    Dkong - LAI MKII (original), Raiden DX (In converted MKII cab), LAI Crazy Kong CT (Original), BombJack (lowboy), BurgerTime - original Bally/Midway Cabinet, Qbert
    Doublemint - 26" fatboy (MAME)
    dracer - Out Run, Pole Position, 10 x Lowboys, 2 x A&LI Crazy Taxi, Galaga (cocktail), Moon Patrol (cocktail), Circus Charlie (cocktail), A&LI World Rally, Hang On (twin), Lowboy (SF2), Time Crisis 2, 2 x Hankin cocktails (60-in-1, 48-in-1), Daytona (single)
    dragonlee - 2 x SEGA Aero city (Upright and a sit down), SEGA Astro City, Sega Astro new city, Capcom Impressa, 2 x Capcom Mini cutes (Pink and Blue), 4 x Naomi Universal Cabinets, 1 Egret 1, 7 x Egrets 2, Atomiswave candy cab, 2 x Blast City, 2 x Naomi new net city (sit down)
    dylzy123 - Donkey Kong Cab (Arcadeworx Version), Donkey Kong Bartop
    Egames Arcade - B&W space fever, 80s generic cocktail, generic 80s upright, Asteroids Cocktail
    electroman32k - Killer Instinct, Rastan, Midnight Resistance, Mortal Kombat 1, Galaga
    Eors - upright mame
    Extra Ball - Woody Lowboy, Namco Cyber Lead
    fatrouni - Vewlix clone, Arcade Worx type.
    felixthadog - Hankin 20" cocktail (with 60-in-1), Namco Exceleena (29" with Merit Touchscreen), SEGA Astro City (29" with RPi3)
    Flain - Chinese copy candy cab (Darksoft CPS2 multi), NeoGeo arcadeworx (LCD screen - neogeo 2slot board with darksoft cart), 1x cocktail (1066 games family board horizontal+vertical controls),
    Sega New Astro City with a Sega Naomi netboot w/capcom IO
    fjalldway - LAI 26" Upright (green TMNT style) w/ Golden Axe II - Revenge of Death Adder
    Foot - LAI Cocktail (Galaga), LAI 26" Fatboy (Neo Geo wannabe cab, horizontal PCB's
    fringert - LAI 26" Upright (MAME), Cocktail (home made), Outrun (upright), LAI cocktail, TAITO Space Invaders cocktail
    furballx - LAI 2 Player (26" - MAME), GOTTLIEB Challenger 4 Player (26" - MAME), LAI T2 Gun, 2 x Astro City (29")
    gameroom - 20" LAI Lowboy - Wonderboy, 20" Lowboy replica - 60 in 1, 17" Kiddi upright - MAME, Ultimate Arcade II cabinet - MAME, Gauntlet - 4 player (Atari), TMNT 4 player - lai, F1 Grand Prix Star II - twin driving cab, Candy Land - Namco 4 player lolly skill tester
    garryi - naomi universal upright cabinet
    Gav - 2 Player Upright (1066 board), Original Daytona USA Twin (Jap)
    geese - Dual Screen Nintendo Punch-out (Dedicated), Nintendo Sheriff Upright (Dedicated), LAI Centipede Upright (Dedicated)& Vs. City, Taito Egret 3
    Gemini2544 - 20" hankin table w/ 48 in1
    general_grievous - NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Dedicated), dedicated US mortal kombat 2, dedicated japanese gun bullet, US ultimate mortal kombat 3, rampage world tour, crazy taxi sit down
    Genie - SEGA Virtua Striker, SEGA Virtua Cop 2, Lowboy Nba Jam Hangtime, Merit Mega touch benchtop arcade machine, MAME Tabletop Arcade Machine
    getaway - Hankin 20" cocktail, 2 x Hankin cabaret mini upright, 4 x Esco (Taito clone) cocktail, 3 x 25" LAI red upright, LAI Outrun, Gamezone 26" (Lethal Enforcers)
    GIBO - Mechanized Assault, Line of Fire (sitdown), Rad Mobile, 2 x Neo Geo 6 slotters (20 in & 26 in), 4 x Taito cocktails (14 in), 2 x LAI cocktails (20 in), Draw Poker cocktail, 7 x Turtles style cabs (26 in), 3 x lowboys, 2 x fatboys (26 in), 3 x cabs (38 in), Taito upright, Super HangOn, Deluxe HangOn (full size), Twin Final Lap, World Rally fatboy, Outrun (upright - project), Gottlieb Challenger, Twin Radikal Bikers, Tallboy (20"), Wild Pilot (sitdown), 2 x Tallboys (26")
    gints - LAI 26" (CPS2), LS Sound (MAME), Lethal Enforcers (PS2 conversion)
    giova_sf_fan - 20" Lowboy Woody Mamed with 21"crt
    hamish_nz - Cocktail (Midway)
    hamod - US Williams Defender Upright, US Atari Asteroids Upright with Braze multigame, US Ms Pacman Upright with Multigame, US Centipede Upright, Japanese Space Invaders Upright, US Gyruss Upright
    highlander2287 - 60 in 1 cocktail, twin scud race machine
    humpalot - 26" Fatboy (1000 in 1), Neo Geo 6 Slot, LAI Cocktail (14" with 48 in 1), Lowboy (1942), Lowboy (Galaga), Lowboy (Wonderboy), Lowboy (Ninja Princess), Lowboy (MAME), LAI sit down driving cabinet (MAME)
    Jammasized - Dedicated Cinematronics Space Wars, 2p Upright Mame, 2p Cocktail Mame
    JasonC - LAI Upright
    Jason_roberts13 - 25" LAI Upright (MAME), 25" LAI Upright (Neo Geo Aerofighters Converted To MAME), 25" LAI Upright (Neo Geo Metal Slug Now Running MK1, UMK3 & Killer Instinct), 20" LAI Upright (60-In-1), Chase HQ (Taito)
    jaspar - Point Blank 2, LAI Skill Tester, 60 in 1 Cocktail Cabinet (custom built), 8 Liner Cherry Machine (custom built)
    Johns-Arcade - Space Invaders, Marble Madness, Space Duel, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Asteroids, Tempest, Spy Hunter, Crazy Climber, Disc's Of Tron, Sinistar (Cockpit), Cobra Command, Space War, Missile Command, Make Trax, Robotron, Galaxian, Battlezone, Punch-Out!, Qix, Centipede, Crossbow, Q*Bert, Mr Do!, Pengo, Phoenix, Stratavox, Rally-X, Star Wars (cockpit), Gyruss, Frogger, Asteroids Deluxe, Pac-Man, Space Invaders Part 2
    John73 - Upright - Mame, Lowboy - Bump 'n Jump (dedicated)
    justin007 - astro city
    Kaizen - Space Invaders -- {Taito Blue Upright, LAI Blue Upright, LAI Red Part II Upright, LAI Colour Cocktail, US Midway Deluxe, US Trimline, NZ Taito Part II, Taito Part II Cocktail x3, Spark Invader (clone), Logitec Space Invaders (clone)}, Taito Defender Upright, Williams Defender Cocktail, NZ Defender/Defense Command (Chastronics Cab), Taito Speed Race Upright, Taito Blue Shark Upright, Taito Crazy Climber Upright, Taito Chase HQ DX, AGI/Taito Top Speed Upright, Taito Grand Champion, Midway Terminator 2, LAI Street Fighter II, LAI Scramble Upright, LAI Karate Champ Lowboy, LAI/Sega Outrunners, Generic Woodgrain Lowboy (MAME), 20" Taito Time Tunnel Cocktail (running Jungle King PCB), Taito Space Chaser Cocktail, Taito Phoenix Cocktail, 'Score' 4 Player Pong, 'Challenge' 4 Player Pong.
    Kayno - SEGA Blast City with 60 in 1, 2 Monitor Title Fight Cab with Virtua Tennis (Naomi)
    KegRaider - Red Lowboy :Multi Emulator machine (MAME, Genesis, SNES, GBx, GBA, SMS, GG, Atari 2600)
    KellyNUTS - Sega Megalo 410, 2 X 20" LAI Lowboys
    Kezza - dedicated mortal kombat 1(LAI) , dedicated mortal kombat 2 (LAI) , dedicated ultimate mortal kombat 3 (LAI) , dedicated NBA jam TE (LAI) ,Global VR PGA World Tour,
    Revolution X dedicated machine (USA) , 25" LAI ( Time Crisis ) , Extreme hunting \ Target shooting /USA (Sammy), Daytona USA ( dedicated USA Version).
    Original space invaders cocktale ( 1979 ) , LAI yellow claw machine
    killa - 25" Upright with MK1 and 2, 25" Lowboy Neogeo 4 slot running 111 in 1 cart, 25" Lowboy, Cps2 18 in 121" Lowboy with CPS1 18 in 1, 25" Upright with Mame, 26" Fatboy with SF2 WW, 25" Killer Instinct, Sega Rally Twin
    kknd - 1993 Mortal Kombat II (Dedicated)
    klufs2004 - 22" upright cab - mame
    Knight76 - LAI Upright Neo Geo (dedicated), Ivan Stewart's Super Offroad Racing (Dedicated), Daytona Twin (Dedicated), LAI Coffin Cab, Sega Astro City, Gottlieb Challenger mame/PS3 driving, LAI Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Taito Chase HQ (Dedicated), Gaelco Radikal Bikers (Dedicated).
    lobsterboi - Taito Space Invaders, Namco Exceleena, LAI woody lowboy x 2, Namco Exceleena 2, Nintendo Space Fever
    Lupin - Sega Astro City (Mame)

    Pinball machine owners list ---------> Click here.
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    m4me - 2x New Astro City, 1x LAI Fatboy (red), 2x LAI Upright (red & blue)
    madal - LAI TMNT 26" dedicated, LAI Lowboy 80s (19" with Mame), AGI Final Lap twin 25" dedicated, Namco Packman Cocktail 14" dedicated, Taito Space Invaders Cocktail (60 in 1, 15" Lcd), GOTTLIEB Challenger 26" (301 in 1), LAI TARG 20"(19 in 1), NZ Taito 20" (60 in 1)
    MadMikeAU - LAI 26" (Sega ST-V, Sega Megatech), Sega Turbo, 3 x Sega Rally Championship Deluxe, Sega Megatech Replica (WIP), Sega Astro City (WIP), Namco Cyberlead (WIP), Taito Cocktail (WIP), GhettoCab (WIP)
    majors - New Astro City, Naomi Universal (Chopped), Blast City, Versus City x2, Megalo 410, Capcom Impress + a few woodies.
    makaw - Space Invaders (Japanese, Original), Space Invaders 2, Space Invaders (Caberet, Original), Silent Scope, 3 x XXX-in-1 Lowboys, Neo Geo (Single Slot), World Rally, Cocktail (Taito), Mini Cocktail, Lethal Enforcer, Hot Chase, Spaces Invaders 2 Cocktail, Targ
    Manta - Dedicated taito chase hq, Taito top speed, Taito mr do cocktail, Taito car action cocktail, Lai street fighter ce, Custom tmnt upright, Lai 60 in 1, dedicated Atari hydra stand up
    maxpower - LAI Upright (Galaga), LAI Upright (Frogger), LAI Upright (might be MAME'd), Australian Diversified Ind. Cocktail (48 in 1)
    MegaA - x arcade - 1000 in one upright
    Mer - M.A.M.E. powered Midway (Pacman) Cocktail
    micky Silent Scope, Mortal Kombat 2 dedicated LAI, Crusin USA dedicated LAI
    mikestech0 - 1982 Tatio Cocktail 60-1 + Galaga board.
    mooncresta - Hankin 20" cocktail (48 in 1), Astro City (MAME), Sega Rally Championship (Twin)
    Mr Pubstuff - Lethal Enforcers 2 (twin shooter), SEGA Rad Rally (Twin driver), LAI 60in1 (upright), TAITO 48in1 cocktail 21" lcd, jackie chan lai upright
    Mr_Staypuft - Neo Geo
    mrte - LAI Neo Geo Lowboy 1-Slot, LAI Galaxian/Moon Cresta Cocktail (14"), Lowboy Slim 4 in 1
    mxd - Wooden Candy Cab (MAME), LAI (1000 in 1 Red Box), Viper Sit Down Driving (Shell)
    namastepat - Nintendo Space Fever cocktail cabinet, Namco Exceleena running vertical MAME, LAI 26 inch NBA Jam/TMNT style cab running horizontal MAME, Tempest Cabaret cabinet, Atomiswave sitdown cabinet running Street Fighter II, Generic (operator built) woodgrain fatboy with Neo Geo 161-in-1, Replica Defender cab running Defender on a 19-in-1, Gottlieb Challenger IV driving cab with Model 2 emulator.
    narf_ - Donkey Kong Jr and Dig Dug upright
    neo-mvs-man - Galaxy lowboy (with Super SFII), 4 slot "big red" NeoGeo, 26" Raiden Fighters to be mamed
    necroscope - 2x astro city, asteroids and space invaders deluxe
    noodalls - Astro City 2 with mame installed.
    nuggy - Genuine Illinois-Built Atari APB (110V), Atari System 1 Cab (with Marble Madness), Cocktail (DOS MAME)
    opm881 - Upright (19" monitor - MAME)
    ostybeef - LAI Mortal Kombat-Style (4-player), LAI Dedicated 4 Slot Neo Geo, LAI Blue TMNT-Style (2-player), LAI Red Fatboy, Lowboy (Vertical, Multi Board), Dance Dance Rev (Converted to Big Buck Hunter Call Of The Wild), Dedicated Lethal Enforcers, Blue Generic Taito
    outzone - Generic lowboy (black) fitted with a 60 in 1, Generic lowboy (black) fitted with outzone, Lai cocktail fitted with pengo, taito cocktal space invaders needs rebuild, generic cocktail unknown maker needs rebuild, dedicated atari indiana jones and the temple of doom (under resto), universal gypsy queen slot machine
    Pash - 2 x Astro Citys (29"), Neo Geo (6 Slot - 26"), Neo Geo (4 Slot - 20")
    Pando - dedicated LAI Neo Geo 4-slot lowboy
    peterab - LAI (4 player with Gauntlet)
    phreak97 - Nintendo Playchoice 10 (Single monitor - conversion), Atari Night Driver, Atari Super Bug, Allied Leisure Daytona 500, Jubilee Twin Spin (Poker machine)
    pinmike - 26" cab (with chipped X-Box), 26" Neo Geo, 26" Ultimate MK, 13" Taito cocktail (with Galaga), 3 x 20" Taito cabs (JAMMA)
    prktkljokr -
    Prof - IPM Invaders cocktail, Asteroids cocktail, Galaxian (upright), 2 x LAI lowboys, Stunt Cycle, Moon Patrol Mini, Pole Position 2 Cockpit, Horizontal JAMMA cocktail (Midway-style), Astro Fighters
    Prosonic - GOTTLIEB Challenger 63cm 2019 in 1, LAI 25" NBA Jam soon to be dedicated NBA Jam, LAI 20" lowboy being restored was bootleg bubble bobble - soon to be double dragon?, Gottlieb Challenger 63cm 2019 in 1, LAI 25" NBA Jam with 4player mod, LAI 20" lowboy Dedicated Double Dragon, 20" LAI lowboy bubble bobble, EME 302 in 1
    prostkxy - 3 lai cocktails, 2 Nintendo cocktails and 1 is poss a taito, LAI Point Blank machine, original donkey kong cab, Mario brothers wide body, LAI ninja turtles converted to xmen vs street fighter, LAI Playchoice 10, namco exceleena blue, dual screen nintendo punchout
    R64 - Gyruss (US), Hyper Sports, Contra, Circus Charlie, Shadow Dancer, Hang On, Astron Belt, Rampage, Mappy, Tapper, Roadblasters (cockpit), Asteroids, Pole Position, Jungle King, Space Gun, Phoenix (Taito cocktail), WWF Superstars, Street Smart, NeoGeo 6-slot (LAI), Moon Alien (upright), Moon Shuttle (upright), Space Invaders (Midway upright), Donkey Kong, Commando
    radirgyman - Egrett II x 2, OK Baby and Popeye nintendo cab, Cinematronics Dragons Lair, Donkey Kong cab, Environmental discs of tron
    RaMpAgE - Neo Geo 6 slot, Taito Space Invaders Tabletop, LAI lowboy jamma, 2 x Blue Space Invaders uprights (projects), Red Space Invaders upright (project), Nintendo donkey kong cocktail, Bootleg space invaders cocktail, Universal cockatail with Pengo, Taito speed race CL5, Atari Lemans, Taito upright (latest game), LAI Fatboy jamma, Hankin upright SF2, Generic upright Chase HQ
    Rat - Atari Asteroids (Dedicated Upright), Williams Defender (Dedicated Upright) Atari Space dual (Dedicated Cocktail), Sega Astro City (Vertical) and Sega Astro City 2 (Horizontal) both running Groovymame.
    Redback - Indy 500 (1969), D. S. Indy Heat, Sprint 2, Indy 2, Sinistar
    relapse - NAMCO Exceleena Blue (MAME)
    Retro71 - USA Space Ace, Atari Gauntlet, Stern Cliff Hanger, USA Interstellar Laser Fantasy, LAI Cobra Command, Atari Marble Madness, Atari Peter Packrat, LAI Out Run, LAI woody Lowboy (with 48in1, Tekken 3 & Neo Geo single slot)
    rocky2 - Space Invaders, Star Wars cockpit, Defender, Juno First, Time Pilot 84, Galaga, Stargate, Joust, Sinistar, Robotron, Moon Patrol, Asteroids Deluxe, Gyruss and Missile Command
    Rodsy - Sega Astro City, Gottleib Challenger Clone
    rtoago - nba jam 4player lai, Mk2 lai, Neogeo 6in1 lai, Crus'n the world single, San Francisco rush the rock. 50" deluxe, Space invaders cocktail. 26" fatboy yellow with nba jam, 38" lai point blank setup, Sega sud race single running emulators. Chinese sega race cab aka initial running lindbergh multi setup, 32" vielix clone, Snow bros dedicated lowboy, Namco final lap cab running emulators
    sairuk - LAI 20" Cab (Viper Clone?)
    Sam J - 80s Hankin cocktail w/ 48 in 1, LAI upright cab w/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, LAI Lowboy w/ Moon Patrol, LAI Lowboy w/ Namco Classics Collection, LAI Lowboy w/ Rolling Thunder, Upright cab w/ Altered Beast, Homepin Lowboy w/ 60 in 1, Sega Rally upright, Sega virtua Cop 2
    Savage - Homepin Hankin cocktail, Atomiswave SD
    SCDragib - P.O.W. (Upright, Original)
    scratcha - LAI Cocktail (14"), 3in1 Galaga, Frogger, Ms Pac-man, Hankin Cocktail 48in1 (20"), Hankin (upright), Wec Le-mans (upright), LAI Cocktail (20")
    Sega_australia - Dedicated NBA JAM, Dedicated MK2, Dedicated Twin Run & Gun - Atari cab, Deluxe Thunderblade, Dedicated Operation Wolf, Dedicated 4 board Neo Geo, Dedicated 6 board Neo Geo, Original Frogger cocktail table, Original Micro-Games Pong table, Dedicated Gun Fight cabinet
    Segasonic91 - Astro City, Blast City
    shootar75 - Wonderboy (lowboy), Taito cocktail (60-in-1), 10 Yard Fight, Time Pilot
    Simon_A -LAI lowboy (MAME), LAI Upright (MAME), 4-player Upright, Bartop (48-in-1)
    slammer - LAI Cocktail (Original 1981 with 60 in 1), 3 x custom copies (projects)
    sleazius - Astro City (with 1000 in 1), Pacman (Namco Dedicated Upright), Galaga (Namco Dedicated Upright)
    SMB - Sega Blast City (Jamma) - running NeoGeo MVS/CPS1/CPS2/CPS3/PCBs
    sparkythepinmonkey - LAI Asteroids (cocktail), Cosmic Monsters (cocktail), Moon Alien (cocktail - converted to Pengo), Twin Cobra, Time Pilot, Golden Tee 2K, Hard Drivin' (full-size), LAI Pole Position (converted to Chase HQ), Road Blasters (upright)
    spez778 - Lethal enforcers shooter, World rally championship, orig LAI lowboy with Phoenix in atm, custom Street fighter ex, Mame upright, Challenger with golden tee
    spider66 - Virtua Cop 2, Sega Rally Twin, Sega Astro City 60 in 1, Neo Geo 2 Slotter and 4 Slotter, lai TMNT, lai Simpsons, Taito 14" Pheniox
    sugarrayrichard - bar top with 60 in 1
    Syzlack - Lowboy (Galaxy)
    tas_tig3r - Virtua Cop 2 and HOTD2 in 50" RP deluxe cabs, and a pair of Winding Heat cabs, pair of San Fransisco rush cabs, Pang
    teddy - Sega Astro City, Atomiswave SD
    Teza - TMNT 4-player
    timothiefielder - WWF Superstars TECHNOS (Dedicated lowboy), T2 Arcade Game (Midway)
    the4horse - 1970 Kasco Air Fighter
    thebrownfalcon - Scratch built Upright mame done as Galaga, Scratch built cocktail cabinet mame
    thejudge -Upright Mame Lowboy - 60 in 1 (Being restored)
    Tipus4u - LAI Lowboy 60 in 1, LAI Outrun
    tnpshow - Atari Gauntlet, Atari PONG (replica), Dangerous Curves driving cab (XBOXed), Centuri Gyruss
    Tonjo - Sega New Astro City, SNK Super Neo 29 Type II
    Tony90 - Sega Turbo Outrun deluxe, Sega Radmobile, 2 by Sega Manx TTs, B&W Fuji Speedracer, Atari Hard Drivin good cab, Dreamcast daytona conversion, Namco Twin Final Lap 3, Konami/Union Lease colour SI clone cocktail, Badlands driver, 33 inch Warzaid, guns nw, TMNT 26inch 4 player, LAI TimePilot nw cab, 2 x Taito Special Criminal Investigation, Nintendo B&W spacefever conversion from a StuntCycle cab, Alpine Racer, about 4 20inch uprights, 4 generic world rally type cabs
    tron - Discs of Tron Upright
    troyus - 2 player upright MAME with 27" screen
    Virgil Tracy - Skeeroll, Operation Wolf, San Francisco Rush, Neo Geo, Flying Duck, Sega Turbo, Pole Position (cocktail), Rotary Fighter, Streetfighter 2, Tokyo Wars, Air Fighter
    visy - Pong (Atari), Dragon's Lair, Cocktail (MAME), Gravitar, Donkey Kong, Bi Plane, Super Pacman, Atari Football 2 Player, Qbert, Pole Position (Upright), 2 x Baby Pacman, Space Invaders (Midway), Ms Pacman, Atari Basketball, xevious, berzerk, gorf
    wallaroo1979 - LAI 26" (Blue TMNT style) SF2 CE, LAI 26" Neo Geo 4 slot Lowboy, LAI 19" neo geo games family xxxx in 1, woodgrain 19" lowboy double dragon, LAI operation wolf, Point Blank
    V35_Paul - Raiden, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter2 and NBA Jam (Tournament Edition) Less 4 player panel
    vocalninja - Astro City
    wingtipvortex - 26" Upright (48-in-1), Taito (Upright)
    WOKA - Taito Space Invaders (Original), Spacies Galaxian 'BarTop' (48 in 1), MegaTouch Counter Top (touchscreen), Neo Geo 4 Slot (Original), Original '81 Midway Pacman Upright, Dedicated Williams Defender Cocktail, 20" Taito Table, Atari Millipede, Original Nintendo Donkey Kong Upright, Taito Ice Cold Beer
    Womble - Atari Paperboy (Original), Atari Vindicators (Original), LAI JAMMA Generic), Taito Defender cabinet (empty shell currently)
    wweumina - Donkey Kong (US dedicated), Pac Man (US dedicated), Track and Field (US dedicated), Golden Tee Fore Complete, Nintendo cocktail (empty will be arcadesd), LAI lowboy (Mame), Jatre Table4 cocktail (breakout clone), Q-bert (US), Tempest, Tron, Champion Wrestler (LAI fat boy), LAI Neo Geo 4 slot, Nintendo Red tent (project), Space Fever (Nintendo cocktail), Sheriff (Nintendo cocktail project)
    xodaraP - Namco Cyber Lead, Sega Astro City, Taito Super Chase LAI Cockpit
    Zige79 - LAI Terminator 2, Ridge Racer 2, Generic Blue Lowboy, G-loc Deluxe, Lai Mortal Kombat & Lai Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition
    Zorn - Cocktail (MAME), Time Crisis

    Last edited by dezbaz; 31st October 2018 at 05:59 AM. Reason: List Updated 31/10/18, 0.600AM WST

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    Taito cocktail (Moon Cresta), Lowboy (48-in-1), Star Bazaar (prize redemption), Jumbo Skill Tester
    "Everyone's always in favour of saving Hitler's brain. But when you put it in the body of a great white shark, ooohh! Suddenly you've gone too far!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil Tracy View Post
    Operation Wolf
    Sanfrancisco Rush
    Neo geo
    Flying duck
    Sega Turbo
    Pole position cocktail
    Rotary fighter
    Streetfighter 2
    Tokyo wars
    Air Fighter

    Heaps more but thats a start
    Bloody nice collection there Virgil!


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    Quote Originally Posted by felixthadog View Post
    Bloody nice collection there Virgil!

    Cheers, thats about half of it.

    This hobby can be adictive,

    Thread is now a sticky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil Tracy View Post
    Cheers, thats about half of it.

    This hobby can be adictive,

    Thread is now a sticky.
    I look forward to seeing the other half of the list

    I figured since there was a Pinball owners list, it makes sense to have an Arcade Machine owners list too


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    Soon going to have a mame set up in a strange looking upright, its like an upright, but its shorter then a lowboy in the fact that you sit down to play it. Only 1.4m high, picking it up 2moro

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    Sega outrun sit down, pooyan tallboy, Super bishi bashi champ, Taito cocktail (48 in 1), rolling thunder tall boy, Mame tall boy, viper daytona cab (to be mamed) and a hankin skilltester

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    red lowboy with neogeo
    jamma lai woodgrain
    39in1 caberet
    poker caberet
    48in1 project caberet
    universal cocktail with pliedes
    you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines

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    Bloody hell where do I start
    Mechanized Assault
    Line of Fire (sitdown)
    Rad Mobile
    2 x Neo Geo 6 slotters 20 in and 26 in
    4 x 14 in taito cocktails
    2 x LAI 20 in cocktails
    Draw Poker cocktail
    3 x 26 in Turtles style cabs
    5 x lowboys
    3 x 26 in fatboys
    3 x 38 in cabs
    Taito upright
    Super HangOn
    Deluxe full size HangOn
    Twin Final Lap
    World Rally fatboy
    Project :Outrun upright soon to be a williams multigame
    Gottlieb Challenger
    Theres a couple more but cant think of them at the moment

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