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Thread: Can anyone recommend a repairer for arcade power supply?

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    Can anyone recommend a repairer for arcade power supply?

    I have a model 3 power supply which is producing good 3.3V and 5V, but 12V is generally about 9-10.5V.

    Can anyone recommend someone who can look at this PSU and would be in Melbourne east/south-east (I am in Carnegie)? People have recommended I re-cap it, but I think I would rather someone who knows what they are looking at to fix and recondition the unit so that it will give me plenty of years ahead rather than just limp along in case of me trying to resolve it myself.


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    If you can't find anyone local @Jomac would likely be your best bet, but you'd have to post it to him in Perth.

    He has repaired an Astro PSU for me and also does a lot of work on Model 2 PSUs.

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