This month for the Netherworld Arcade Club we'll be learning tips and tricks for Metal Slug 3 so you can get the coveted wizard pin designed by Nelson Gibbons.

After that, we'll be moving into our new format for the Arcade Club - the Arcade Frenzy! A two hour non stop head to head arcade comp over the games in the venue. You'll be assigned a new game (max 3 minutes) and shoot for the bigger score possible against your opponent, then report back and be assigned a new game and opponent. Repeat for 2 hours!

Arcade Club will now start a little earlier at 9.30am with a 10am Arcade Frenzy start. It's free to join in and everyone that takes part will get a handful of free tokens to use.

From 9.30am on Saturday the 19th of October!

Arcade Club Poster.jpg