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Thread: SNES / SFC SHVC-CPU-001 2-chip RGB filter mod video fix

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    SNES / SFC SHVC-CPU-001 2-chip RGB filter mod video fix

    NOTE: this is untested by me, use at your own risk. I hope to get around to testing soon.

    A little while ago someone posted a link to a Super Famicom/SNES video filter mod I thought I’d try my hand at. It’s supposed to bring the RGB video output of a SHVC-CPU-001 (initial version) SNES more in line with the quality of a 1-chip model. This is by Japanese modder Torapu, all I did was lay out the PCB, after working out what he actually did compared to what he wrote (i think). It's worth taking a look at Torapu's site for the expected results.

    Torapu’s page on the mod, including his mostly-complete schematics -
    Shmup’s thread on the mod -
    SNES revision 2 schematics (very similar to the SHVC-CPU-001 used in the mod) -

    I’ve put the gerber PCB files on OSH park, from where they can be downloaded.

    • All diodes are DO-35 package 1S2076A. Each set is two diodes, one forwards one backwards.
    • U1 is a LMH6683MAX SOIC14

    All other packages are 1206 size:
    • 2kR - R2, R3, R12, R13, R19, R20
    • 300R – R1, R14, R21
    • 200R – R4, R5, R10, R11, R17, R18
    • 47R – R6, R7, R8, R9, R15, R16
    • All caps 1nF

    • On the bottom side of the SNES mainboard itself, caps C83, C92, C94 should be replaced with 10uF. 1206 package size caps will still fit ok.
    • The new filter board will sit in the bottom left of the photo above. It should be insulated from the SNES mainboard. Securing it with double-sided tape would be appropriate.
    • On the new filter board, Q3, Q5, Q7 are 2SA1037A, SOT-346. These can be taken from the positions with the same name on the SNES board, and either way those transistor must be removed from the board. No other components should be removed.
    • The filter board pads Q3-E, Q3-B, Q5-E etc should be wired to the SNES main board at those positions, after Q3, Q5, Q7 have been removed.
    • On the filter board, GND from the SNES mainboard can be connected near the bottom left of the board.
    • On the filter board, +5V can be connected from the SNES mainboard at the lower side of R7, R12 or R17 (the end toward the "R" in each case) among many other spots. See the first photo above.
    • On the SNES mainboard, 270pF caps are required between Base and Collector of Q4, Q6, Q8 (one for each transistor)

    To do: actually test the mod once the boards arrive
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