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Thread: Billy strikes back....

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    Billy strikes back....

    Earlier today Twin Galaxies custodian Jace Hall, received a letter of "demand" form a team of lawyers as long as your right (and probably left) arm. Billy who has for sometime referred to the arcade community who doubt his scores were legit as being "lonely losers" and refused in recent times to acknowledge Twin Galaxies at all (including those who have done the right thing and produced evident to back their scores with proper evidence) has sent a letter of demand to Twin Galaxies. Along with a 156 page document (including sworn testimony from the likes of Todd Rogers - who was also found to have produced fraudulent scores on the database) to back his story that he should be reinstated in a database that he as recently as of last month wouldn't even acknowledge the existence of during a live stream from Australia.

    It's rather funny reading - nor sure Jace or TG will be too worried by it, considering the 156 odd page document proclaiming his innocence looked like it was put together by a monkey (Dk... Monkey... lol)
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