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Thread: Electrohome GO7 Help

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    Hi Trav , Berzerk is a slightly different Sync output so it lock frequency will put it a bit more off center than most games , while it not important on a lot of games using the G07 you will need to Join the - H Sync and -V Sync together .

    Basically you have a 6 pin input and 3 pin input connector on that chassis , The Red , Green , Blue and Gnd go in the 6 pin connector , the single neg comp Sync goes in the 3 pin connector on the V & H pins.
    This will shift the picture across , on some games you only join the Sync to H pin ( like normal monitors ) in the 3 pin connector and will sit perfect or it can be to far the other way ( opposite to what you have ).

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    Spoke to Joey yesterday and reminded me to update the post.
    The board is wired exactly the same as it is in the cab with both neg H & V sync tied together so unfortunately this is a no go.

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