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Thread: Kortek chasis identification & tube question

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    Kortek chasis identification & tube question

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to id this Kortek chasis but it doesn't look exactly the same as any on Jomac's site. It's from a LAI MK1 cabinet. Any ideas?

    Also, I'd love some advice about the tube. Unfortunately, it's an Orion which in an old post of Jomac's he says should have been recalled 20 years ago, as they are all dull and all fail. Well mines dull but still going but I want to plan for when it stops.

    Am I right in thinking I need to find a tube from an old TV that is 25inch (A59 size is what's on the existing tube). I have a 26inch NEC tube, A63 but I'm guessing that will be too big?

    Any advice?

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    Looks like a KTX-26 Kortek chassis. If you’re looking to replace the tube you will need a 25” or 59cm tv, which are pretty rare now.
    You won’t be able to use that chassis with the tv so you would need a universal chassis from Jomac. All the smart image chassis are gone but the wei ya still gives a pretty good picture.
    Rather than replacing the tube and chassis you might try getting it boosted

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    I think @MarkOZLAD had a 59cm tube recently...? He's in Newcastle though.

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    I've got a 59cm one for sale in the arcade ads, however, I'd prefer to RGB mod the TV for arcade use than just sell the tube though.

    I have an A63 TV there that has a chassis problem and won't run (vertical collapse if I recall) . I'd be more open to selling that as just a tube.

    Sorry to be a bit picky but I simply love RGB modding consumer CRTs and just wouldn't feel right selling an RGB moddable set just for the tube.

    I guess if it prevented a cab from going flat screen I would think about selling just the tube.

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