So I played Star Wars when it first came out and weíll my first impression wasnít the greatest. Fast forward 3 years and I go over to my friends place who just picked up a new premium and have a bash of it with him. I enjoy the fast paced gameplay and learn that thereís a little more to it that initial impressions.

Not really looking for one but always looking for something (thatís my motto) one came up on Facebook so I decided to take the plunge and grab it with the help of a friend.

Iíve got to say that Iíve really warmed to the game. All the shots return really quick to the flipper and you just get that sense of urgency with everything you have to do. Yes the multiplier rules are a bit of BS but add a little bit to the strategy. There are different videos and call outs for the individual characters eg hereís you ball back captain solo and Han emerging from the carbon freeze.

Overall I think It gets poo pooed because itís ďStar WarsĒ and shouldíve been a star destroyer full of gadgets and cool stuff. Itís not being judged on what it is and what it is is enjoyable. Getting multiple balls flinging around on the hyper loop is pretty awesome to see, hear and an absolute blast to achieve as the game gets your heart pumping and gets you into a frenzied state to hit the damn shot or hit the bank targets thatís you KNOW are going to drain you but to just keep that multiplier up so you can hit that big payoff shot