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Thread: ARpiCADE - Vertical Games on Horizontal Monitor and Vice Versa?

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    ARpiCADE - Vertical Games on Horizontal Monitor and Vice Versa?

    Am struggling to find a straight answer to this one on the forums, but can anyone confirm if you can....

    1) Configure it to run Vertical games (PacMan, DK etc) on a Horizontally mounted monitor?
    2) Configure it to run Horizontal games on a Vertically mounted monitor?

    The image will be size constrained if running in the wrong orientation but that's not an issue.

    I've got a cab that I'd like to rotate the CRT in eventually, but Mrs Womble wants to keep her ability to play Super Mario bros in it, it will stay a horizontal for the time being, hence the first part to the question.
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    Ultimately ARpiCade still runs mame. You can certainly configure mame to do this, in fact it does it by default. If its not, you can can configure it to and even make each game different.



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