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Thread: How to check required roms

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    How to check required roms

    Hi there,

    Ive recently installed a version of wolfmame and ofcourse many of my existing romsets wont work. Other versions of mame ive been able to tell what roms were needed for the game to run but can't find where in wolfmame. Any idea how to identify romsets needed for games?

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    There are a few romset managers like clrmamepro out there, i think rom center is one too. Tutorials are easy to find - i've never actually used one. I don't update my GroovyMAME cab very often, so i just tend to cherrypick a split set to make sure i have everything needed for each game rom to run inside that You could grab the whole split set though, and pick from that.

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    There are a few tools out there, my personal preference for years has been clrmame, but thats only because it was best in class back in the day.

    Others include

    I used romcenter years ago, but not since and I've never touch romvault so i'll only talk to clrmame.

    clrmame will pull data from the mame exe directly and build a listing of required files (set) for the version you are using on your cabinet/pi etc (including derivitives), or for other sets (e.g. No-Intro) you import a dat/xml file which will do the same.

    The dat file support make it useful as a generic tool for cataloging files (e.g. i've built dats over the years for Unreal Tournament Community maps and console game save) instead of just roms, and sets like mame artwork may be managed by dats also; Although rom management is really its primary use case.

    Different dat files are available for a number of sources

    One handy use of clrmame is the fixdat file, where you can scan your set and generate a fixdat with any reported set issues, provide that fixdat to someone with a set and they can build you a specific set of your missing files. This comes in very handy for data hoarders.

    clrmame can also be used to generate dat files so you can build your own sets.

    I haven't really looked into tutorials for clrmame but i'm sure there are some out there these days. Easyemu used to have one but i don't see them listed anymore

    I'll also add this reference as well from mamedev
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