Hey all

Fairly new to the forums and Pinball! I have had a thread in the electrical section on repairing my old 1979 Gottlieb Count Down Electronically, and it's close to complete operation! Now I'm exploring cabinet repair and the hardest looking part looks like restoring the Playfield art.

In my research I have found how people use a machine called a Silhouette Cameo to cut stencils drawn up on the computer and airbrush paint over them with very good results. I want to play around with this idea and see how well I can do it, trial it on something else before even thinking of touching my machine of course. However to do this I need scans of the playfield to create my stencils and can't really scan my own playfield because the paint is missing where I need to scan. Hoping I might get lucky and someone might have some stored away they used on a computer somewhere.

Any thoughts of wisdom appreciated