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Thread: Orion PWB-2022 Component Identification Help

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    Orion PWB-2022 Component Identification Help

    Good day,

    I have an Orion PWB-2022 in for a cap kit and I can't find a schematic or manual. There are a few components near the filter cap that I can't identify, including the following:

    PS801: Looks like a ceramic cap of some kind? very obviously cracked.
    L801: White plastic box. Small crack, not sure if good.

    Photos here:

    Anything else I should consider? The filter cap is very bloated and obviously bad. These are the other 2 components I could identify damage on. Anything else I should check? Looks like the bridge rectifier has been replaced at some point as well.

    Thanks very much,


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    PS801 = old school Degauss thing
    L801 = AC filter

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