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Thread: How to remove stubborn screws

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    Quote Originally Posted by Railways View Post
    Those look alot like paralel shaft bats with dimples in the shafts?

    Any crank system that uses a set screw (rather than the clamping effect ie. DE, WPC etc.) needs a grooved shaft. If you ever wondered why the groove, it is to prevent the natural and excessive burs/swelling, that the system creates, from locking the cranks onto the shafts and making them very painful to remove. Paralel shafts should only be for clamping type pawls, or else have fun trying to get things apart!

    If you're stuck, add a crude recessed section with a bench grinder or something, to provide the relief gap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autosteve View Post
    I think I have about 6 Gottlieb pawls here plus other Gottlieb system 1 flipper parts. Anyone after them I will straight swap them for the equivalent Bally SS or Williams WPC part. I figure if I ever get a Gottlieb machine here that is mine I would most definitely change the flipper assemblies on it for either Bally SS or WPC style flipper assemblies anyway so they are parts I have no use for but not interested in selling them, just swapping like for like.
    Is it possible to do a straight swap or do also need to swap coils and more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by onetaste View Post
    Is it possible to do a straight swap or do also need to swap coils and more?
    Gottlieb flipper coils fit straight in Bally SS flipper mechs. If you want to retain the Gottlieb flipper bats so the machine looks stock, you'll need these parts to mount the Gottlieb bats on the thinner shafts....
    There are a Bally SS part before the bat become part of the shaft.

    As for Williams WPC large coil mechs, you need to relocate the coil retainer bracket to allow for the shorter coil. Position it, mark, drill and tap the two new mounting holes. Again, if you want to retain the original Gottlieb bats, you also need the Bally SS flipper bat mount as above.

    The flipper coils Gottlieb used were not weak, it has to do with the energy required from the coil to move all the metal mass. If you look at the original Gottlieb mech, note all the metal that is required to move when the flipper is worked. This metal mass all requires magnetic energy to move it.
    This metal mass was seen as a problem to the point of modern pinballs first having holes drilled in the flipper bat mounting plates to reduce the weight and finally molding the bat directly to the shaft so no metal other than the shaft.

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