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  1. Last time I bought something from diyarcade I was...

    Last time I bought something from diyarcade I was led to believe the item would ship from Australia and it ended up coming weeeks later from China. Never again :x
  2. [NSW] Super Street Figher X2 Tournament - 1989 Bar in Newtown in Sydney 18-4-2019

    I am writing this on behalf of Ben who runs the 1989 Bar in Newtown, Sydney, NSW.

    TOMORROW - 18-04-2019 the event will happen. There will be approx a 1 hour introduction video/slideshow with...
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    hello (arcade aussie) world

    long time retro gamer, first time arcade-forumer.
    i am obsessed with 8/16 bit consoles, 15khz monitors and electronics. so why its taken me so long to get into arcade stuff i dont know.

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