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  1. Added some sports games that should be more common around the place.
  2. Ok I will say what everyone else is thinking - arcade games and weights room is an awesome combination!!
  3. Good morning AA's, I am hoping some of you good people might want to part with the below original MVS carts. I have a Last Blade 2 (Jap) cart for trade to sweeten the pot if that interests anyone? Tecmo World Cup Soccer Super Sidekicks 1, 2, 3 League Bowling Viewpoint Nam 1975 Pulstar Blazing Star Matrimelee Metal Slug 5 Many thanks and kind regards!
  4. Hey mate, will send you a PM.
  5. Never have seen a cab like that. It looks a bit off to be a cab from the era and made by Gamemasters.
  6. Any chance you would trade for Mark of the Wolves?
  7. Bump. This cart is still available.
  8. 1st post after migrating to the new site. Thanks for the work you put in mate @Arcade King Any further considerations on a trading feedback score/system?
  9. Ok cool. Next question, is there an idiots guide/video to performing a yoke twist that will not put me in hospital :)
  10. Good evening, Would any of you have a some experience with Phillips CRT TV adjustments within the service menu? (the CRT is a 16:9 SD type) I have all my current starting values written down, however some of the stated options are a mystery to me, which I would like to have more info on before I start tinkering with them, to make informed adjustments rather than trial and error. Here they are in order - VER.AMP VER.SLOPE SERV.BLK HOR.BOW HOR.PARALLEL EW.WIDTH EW.PARA EW.TRAP EW.UCORN EW.LCORN H60 WIDTH H60 PARA H60 SHIFT V60 AMPL VER.SCOR VER.SHIFT VER.ZOOM VER.SCROLL
  11. @cwispy I can't quite tell from that link concerning the crimp connectors - do these have the raised lip on the flat side that "locks" them into the plastic connector?
  12. Would like to be in line for the both Hori arcade sticks please. Cheers.
  13. I asked Jomac about these plugs a while back and he was very interested in identifying the replacement part so as to order them. He was kind enough to send me some of his spares. In addition, the actual replacement part for the metal crimp inside the plug is of great interest. Can anyone assist??
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