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  1. Still have mine, chasing one for a friend.
  2. looking for a tz . preferably aussie delivered. playfield must have no wear. thanks
  3. after a JM, Playfield must have no wear. thanks
  4. looking for a barracora
  5. Sorry not a game on my radar. good game all the same.
  6. As new with a few extras Metallic flipper buttons. Highly polished stainless shooter rod . super bands on flippers , mini posts , & post sleeves clear slingshot rubbers , metal figurines - iron man , captain America, Thor $16,250
  7. after a willy wonka le
  8. Chexx original hockey. boots up but needs work. players need replacing as they are broken. sound and all boards are working and intact. sold as is $500
  9. Terrible news, always up for a chat throughout the tournament scene.
  10. I sold my mint huo recently for 8.5. I see it has changed hands twice in a month , now asking 9.8.
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