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  1. that is some what true. But keep in mind, Pinballs in those days were gambling machines, gambling during the great depression was big business, pinball was another gambling avenue much like many arcade machines of that era. it was very rare to find an arcade machine that didnt have a payout of some kind. whether it be money, Store credit or cigarettes. So your talking more about gambling historically being a good money spinner during economic depression as desperate people trying to win money. So pokies would likely be bigger business as they are more common as gambling devices today as apposed to the great depression era which was illegal gambling style arcade machines like pinball machines. A pinball today is a luxury entertainment item that doesnt payout any winnings, as apposed to the 30's where it was a device made to take advantage of desperate people hoping to win money to put food on the table. My 1930's pinball is essentially a full blown slot machine with payout mech, secret coin door and everything.
  2. there are allot of Baby boomers out there that have their retirement tied up in the housing market, often multiple houses, allot of them are set to retire and downsize. there will be allot of selling happening soon. Baby boomers own allot of investment in the housing market and they are all in roughly the same period of life eg end of their working lives and lets face it the tail end of their life cycle. So at some point they have to sell. If some one in the baby boomer age has put their life savings into 2-3-4 or 5 investment properties and the market is dropping, its not like they can hold out for better times if they can no longer work, many of them could be dead before it gets back to where it was if there is a crash, and that is a consideration they would be thinking about. Majority of People are in so much debt paying off big mortgages and other loans, there will be allot of people who will have no choice but to sell. You would be silly to over look the fact there is a policy that is designed to lower prices and think it wont lower prices. And lets face it, Labor is winning the next election and this Policy is their Number one policy this election, and its a popular policy. Its not like its being hidden, they have clearly said they want house prices tobe lower and affordable and here is the list of measures we are implementing to make it happen. coupled with aging population, banks not loaning and high house hold debt, It doesnt take a genius to figure out how high of a possibility there is for a housing crash. And yes luxury items like pinballs will go down.
  3. doesn't really have the same effect when its typed.
  4. not yet, as sellers are suborn and maybe able tobe, but that would change if it gets to a point where they stay on the market for a while, sellers will have to lower prices. you would be crazy to buy above or close to new prices for a later model secondhand pinball right now. Look how many there are on the market right now. If people want cheaper secondhand pinballs, then dont buy one right now, hold off and be patient.
  5. Very cool mate, You have a mix of everything in that, even old penny games, Nice
  6. I really love the shit, but it took me some time to like it. In the 90's they tried to bring it to Australia. So on release the 600ml bottles had a 1 in 2 chance win Promotion. under the cap you would check to see if you won a free bottle, and 50-50 odds were good, it wasnt very popular so it was always on special And being a broke teenager I couldnt help but buy it for my sugar fix, as the price was bloody cheap and more than often Would get a free bottle. After a while I ended up loving the stuff, then they stopped selling it only after a year or so. Now people pay a fortune for it as a its now an import ahaha, I sell a tonne of the stuff in my vending machines. I hated it so much as first, But I couldnt help but try and win another bottle, Plus friends who would try it and happened to have a winning cap would give me the cap because they couldnt stand the taste also helped, ahaha It was like the cherry pepsi they had for a short time in the 80's, I hated that then. But Now I would give my left nut for a bottle of that thanks to acquiring the taste of dr peper. @kdog if you want one of those Coke crossing signs, best to contact Coin Op warehouse, they ship dozans of containers to the Aus, Its easy enough to get an item put into the container, and they would sell one of those signs cheaper than what they sell on ebay. Ive seen them advertise those Signs often on their facebook page.
  7. cant go wrong with a Jackson, Big jackson fan here
  8. likely be missing an important board so Might make a video juke box at best. they always remove a board. gutting it and making A video Jukebox would be cool, you wont have any issues with law if you did that.
  9. Its shitting on a classic franchise, is what its doing. BK with no upper playfield is an abomination when you finally think a great title is coming out of this company, they do shit like this and f-ck it all up.
  10. and this has todo with stern f-cking up BK franchise how?
  11. they should have rethemed the pro and called it, dick lovers pizza, because thats what they have served up with that game for $9k, but even then Stern boys would happily tell you how good that stern cock tastes after it ejaculated dog shit in their mouths.
  12. The pro isnt chump change. Im sure they could have put a bloody playfield for a game franchise that is traditionally known and popular because of upper playfields. offer something more on the next up models to differentiate models, but by god its far from cool to not to have an upperplayfield on a game that is called BK. its stern fan apologists, who have allowed them to keep doing shit like this
  13. Mate its Black knight, upper playfield is a must. they may as well remove the balls and flippers on the pro.
  14. def needs an Upper playfield, those cheap bastards cant put an Upper playfield on a BK pro, thats a travesty clear plastic for $4k more? come on
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