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  1. I think I have a couple of black ones. They would be $70 each plus post mate. Pete
  2. Happy to see these finds are still about, or maybe just that someone is talking about them. They will keep you busy for a while.
  3. How quickly you can get there and do you have cash!
  4. The ones I am familiar with, S3 would be the the 3rd fire/action button. So if your arcade has only one or two buttons you will need to rig up another button at the connector. Or if your cab has some unused switches like a test/service button inside you could wire that up as the 3rd button.
  5. I like the art on that CPO. And its in great condition.
  6. Thanks for looking. I might match the style of the Hankin 20 inch cocktails.
  7. Looking for any original images of a Hankin 14 inch cocktail. Want to see what the CPO and player decals looked like.
  8. Can't with help reasonably priced places in Sydney, but + 1 for sandblasting every piece of metal you want to paint! Actually took an old medical cabinet to my sandblaster today 🙂
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