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  1. Borrowed a mates Paragon earlier this year and absolutely loved it. That finish on a cab is A1!
  2. No use having a deep cabinet if your using a LCD, but often the scale looks out of whack. That cab looks great all finished up.
  3. Saved this from the trash a few months ago. All working, although not high fidelity.
  4. That got me looking. Wow the pre order figurine market is crazy! Love this Voltron.. but at $1000 🙂
  5. I have two if you still need them.
  6. Might be able to dig one up. PM me in a couple of days if I don't get back to u.
  7. Never seen a PCB separated like that on an arcade before and glad the ashtray is staying!
  8. My 48 died a while ago. I use the emulator if I have to, but its just not the same.
  9. If your heading into Netherworld tomorrow bring it in, as I have a few parts that I want sandblasted. Got a mate that does it and usually primes them for you as well.
  10. I use the busted ones when I give the light boards a spray of white.
  11. Sold a working one for $450 a couple of years ago.
  12. "The emojis that guy used really made me think about my values" Early 21st century. No-one ever
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