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  1. I f---ed up when I drilled new holes for the legs Made a new piece again Drilled correct.. smoothing out the inside of the cab
  2. Still working on the Cabnet I want it done with no spray putty.
  3. The backglass is one of many Paul Faris best artworks
  4. updated second post with the new roms avaliable New software updates for Mousin Around and Theatre Of Magic. -- Mousin' Around! Revision 5.0 -- Theatre Of Magic Revision 2.0 12 October 2021 First of all, the new version runs with the rev 1.3X security chip. Tiger saw is same output. So fully compatible. It runs with the Trunk board installed. But the limited functionality of the board takes precedence. Meaning the Trunk not registering while rotating. The rev. 2.0 runs with the original security chip. For those who have upgraded to 1.4H and who have since lost the original security chip, they will have to source a new one before the game will run with this new version. I cannot speak for the specifics of a mod that someone has made back in the day. But the rev. 2.0 Tiger saw motor control is using the same outputs (connector/pin) as the Williams 1.4H version. Which leads me to believe that it should be compatilble with excisting upgrades.
  5. Have a CPR fathom backglass. It is disappointing. Would like to to see the one that Shay made .
  6. It is hard to get a good pic. With out a reflection or that it looks like it is missing paint I am happy with the blue.
  7. Undercoted the inside of the backbox. Needed the practice as I haven't painted for a long time. Probably not really necessary. Will also paint it blue as it will look nice with the aluminum.
  8. The back glass was the best part of this pin . I had it stored in the bedroom. Lol It has started to lift. Not happy but will look for a replacement
  9. F the weather this weekend Was going to put down some undercote ... Removed the paint from this
  10. Professional...lol back up plan is buy a cab from haggis and then fit a real Bally door in the front
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