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  1. Measures just over a 1 millimeter so it would be 18 awg .. 22 awg is 0.71 You got a discount code ? would buy 10m.. And 43m of tinned braid ?
  2. The machines as so good I would be frightened if i broke something.. They Are absolute works of art.... Look but don't touch...
  3. Asking what is the size of wire for the Gi lighting for SS pinballs. Can you use 22 awg tinned wire .
  4. I purchased 2 sets of fluorescent globes. Hard to show the difference Daylight is brighter so i have kept that it Camera doesn't show the difference in them I put a daylight globe in avatar It looks washed out in pic . Shows more of the back ground in the 3d translite
  5. Thanks @Boots Great tip on colour match from the decals. I gutted the machine last night
  6. Do I keep the paint still like the original.. black back and inside and blue on the head box ? help @wiredoug ? Have purchased parts to make it back to a original looking machine.. is original better for a sale ..
  7. You haven't changed a bit ... In the last 10 years..
  8. Thanks heaps mate .. Ok Will look for one tomorrow and post the outcome.
  9. The fluorescent globe has blown.. Does Anyone know what is a replacement or is it a stern item only..
  10. Cab is now stripped of the old decals.. I Will prep it and wife is taking to a local sign wrighter to put the decals on ..
  11. i have seen just over the wood ... maybe i should also find another playfield as well ? if some one has one that is could be restored i would look at that option was not looking for a high end restore as i cannot do that just would like it more presentable dont want to have issues for the future
  12. I would be interested if you would consider selling it ..? Tryied to message but computer said no... postage via pack and send for something that size...
  13. Thanks heaps Didn't want to ruin the glass @john17a @Manny65
  14. How much would it cost to have someone redecal it Have stencils..
  15. Need help on what to use when cleaning PDI glass ? I was just wondering if you have to use metho and water on PDI glass. Vampire glass does not like Windex Have seen what that does ..
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