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  1. http://img.pr0gramm.com/2015/04/17/8b0cf9b3fe402a2c.jpg
  2. Which joystick would the astro city thread pattern suit?
  3. Q. How can you tell someone doesn't have a mobile phone? A. Don't worry, they will tell you. :)
  4. George Lucas special edition trailer
  5. I like his Bill Paxton Pinball table. benheck bill paxton pinball
  6. Always wanted to play around with a beefier riscOS system. Some good games on them too. Star fighter 3000 looks good for its time. 1994.
  7. While I dont own a pinball machine or plan to anytime soon (disposable income deficiency ;) ) I do read some of the threads on here and I am curious as to what some of the terms and abbreviations mean. I assume LE = Limited edition? How is this version of the machine different? SE = Special edition? Special how? or perhaps Site edition? for siting and making money off? Heavier duty parts maybe? Any others you pinball heads feel like sharing with n00bs like me would be appreciated. :)
  8. I found the photos I took but its too much work to edit them. Besides Donkey Kong and Omega Race the rest are boxed, most boxes are pretty tattered some are in ok nick and some come with instruction manuals and a couple have the controller overlays and posters. The unit itself fired up last time I played it, but I will test it before finalising any transaction, comes with the two controllers and a steering wheel that is missing the accellerator and brake pedals. Oh... and the massive PSU. :D Here's the list of games: edit: added the gallery of photos, there is some Adam stuff in there too... Sorry about the rotation... thought I fixed em, but imgur decided to do whatever... http://imgur.com/a/t2ysl
  9. I have a console and a massive collection of games. Will take some photos and do a little stocktake and see where we land on an offer. :)
  10. Now they are doing tap and go with your phone or something. I seem to keep demagnetising my tap and go cards. My wallet looks like George Costanza's just full of reciepts, business cards and eft cards. The head tattoo barcodes or microchips will be next. Just walk out of woolies with your groceries and you will be scanned along with everything you took and autocharged. I for one will welcome our new reptilian illuminati overlords. Aldi foil makes better hats.
  11. Wonderful 101 anygood, kinda reminds me of viewtifull joe for some reason.
  12. Everytime its just me and you sgtmax I get disco'd. I dunno why. Well played namestepat, struggling to keep up with you and silver mario. :)
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