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  1. This is made with a mixture of recycled hardwood for the top and new pine for the legs. I have added a vice at one end since.
  2. First time I have seen this post tonight. Lots of work going on here and i hope you get to achieve what you set out to. I am sorry to read about your depression, that really sucks. Hopefully things open up soon and you can get to meet some new friends. Keep up the posting here as we do like a project.
  3. Who else loves the fact that we can choose what to watch now rather than having to watch what a TV station decides to show us. I grew up with 5 channels which seemed ok at the time but wow loving having access to so much more now.
  4. Watching season 1 of You on Netflix. It has a Dexter vibe which I am enjoying. 3rd season dropping next week.
  5. Geez having a heart attack is no good. I hope things are going better now.
  6. Thanks for the detailed write up. I could not see which video card you used. How does it play? Well done!
  7. Great find. That issue would tax anyone. I am glad you got it sorted as I bet you are as well.
  8. Just changed to the Uniform light theme. Looks great.
  9. Cheers. Woolies Draught. Happy Sunday.
  10. Hutchinson Builders in Prescott Street.
  11. No I was pressed for time. I will have a go in the future time permitting.
  12. During my day in Toowoomba I went to a new site to install some printers and found this in the reception area. What a place to work.
  13. I found I had to submit the picture then once the album was created I can then click on the picture and the Image Tools then appears. You can't do this before the pic has been uploaded it seems to me.
  14. Same here. Had to reset password to gain entry.
  15. How do I get the score to show? I have downloaded the desktop version and my score display is blank.
  16. Have you tried googling for the ones you want?
  17. Where does one get MDF CNC cut? Does it cost a lot?
  18. For that description I would not want to pay any more than $1000 but with the way prices are lately who knows what someone will pay. Could be quite a repair bill to get it working but it would probably sell for over 5K once working ok and cleaned up. Prices are crazy at the moment. I have no idea on what costs would be involved to get it working either.
  19. Looks great. I am keen to hear more about the graphics process. The price sounds good to me.
  20. I like the idea of a wall mounted machine but then how do you nudge? I suppose there could be something built into the hinge to allow it.
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