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  1. I am enjoying the content. Good to hear from people in the industry. Please keep it up.
  2. I imagine plumbing and electrical would run on the exterior or interior surface of the walls. Just like a prefab concrete structure does not have pipes in the walls. There is also the floor that may contain pipes.
  3. Dr Karl on Triplej is also released each week as a podcast https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/dr-karl-podcast/
  4. Good question. I started working in 1981 as an apprentice plumber with my Father. I started going to the local shopping centre after work and discovered pinball and arcades. I could play them and also hang out without it being weird. It was like a social lubricant. I could fit in so to speak without having to socialise. I met some nice people and had some fun times and I still have this nostalgia today.
  5. I have often looked at all the sharp pokey bits under the playfield and thought how much it would hurt if that fell on me. I imagine the wife or kids finding me stuck under the playfield having bled out. Nasty business.
  6. Welcome to AA. You have a CNC - nice.
  7. Not entirely sure what is happening here but I enjoy seeing what you are doing and look forward to the outcome. Thanks for always keeping us up to date on what you are up to.
  8. I have one of these. Mine has no backglass. I got mine for free with the purchase of a kiddie ride. The cabinet had to be remade with ply as they are made from compressed chip wood which falls apart. Mine boots fully but I am chasing display issues amongst other things. I have had fun mucking around with it. Not much info on the internet but i have a manual and schematic.
  9. Made the change and not much difference. Certainly no issues.
  10. Alone time is something I crave. Nothing wrong with that. Funny thing is when I finally get alone time I don't know what to do with myself but I always crave it. All that aside I love to make and drink beer. Keeps me busy. I also like to make stuff out of wood. Nothing fancy but when I can manufacture something I need from leftover wood I have it gives me a buzz. I seem to spend more time perusing this forum than actually doing anything arcade related. I have plenty of projects to finish but am struggling to get there. I imagine I will be busy in retirement in 10 years but then will have no funds to accomplish anything. Oh well that is how it goes.
  11. When you click on the link the : after http is gone so it doesnt work. Try this https://www.twitch.tv/Beerloveandpinball .
  12. Links are working fine for me. Windows and Edge.
  13. Not yet out but Dexter is back as Dexter New Blood on Paramount Plus. Looking forward to this. I think first episode is out next Monday.
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