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  1. for sale..i have a getaway..WPC p/f in better than average cond..but the cab still has the usual touch ups.. DMC has no lines missing... its what i call a players machine cond...nothing wrong with it.. all working fine and we have to start somewhere i guess.. billy and his van just rang me..so transport wont be this trip.. local p/u and inspection is fine..stop and even have a game or 2 on some of my others if you like.. even if you see a machine in the back ground of a pic just taken .. you are more than welcome to make enquires on the for sale thread, rather than fill my in box.. $4200 - - - Updated - - - w
  2. selling my party zone..WPC usual fade on the cab plays great leds fitted DMD good..no lines missing no erros a good players machince $3400..local p/u welcome or bills van..he is comming here to p/u soon anyway mylar has wear ..but p/f is all good..no wear where at the worn mylar has worn through..pm me for the machime....Cheers late news...i just spotted wear at the 3 million bonus...
  3. don t worry as i said mine only has 11 games on it, from new..no sale in sight though.....
  4. i will be posting more posts and pics over the weekend in the for sale section as i get time ..this weekend...please be patient..cheers
  5. hi dave..i have a few machines for sale that i am i in process of listing... .... getaway $4200..p/f way better than average..average cab elerado city of gold S/S $2700..average machine..players machine gilligans island $4200..missing some p/f inserts party zone $3400 mylar has worn in some spots ,but p/f is not worn there at all..all good..leds fitted.. big indian 4 player EM gotllieb $2800...very nice machine..ex illawarra steelers machine spainish eyes EM single player williams.. $1800 v/g cond..bit of bubbling under b/glass far out 4 player EM gotlieb.. $2800 v/nice cond..ex illawarra steelers machine judge dredd x 2..AU del.. $4300 both above average cond pinbot.. feathering around inserts..cab fade.. $3200 fish tales... $4200..a proto type machine ,free cast or the auto cast has red insert there (RARE) ..some wear on p/f making it a players machince to me..some leds fitted.. big bill and his van will be here shortly to p/u a machince soon ..just waiting on a date and time..
  6. no sorcerer - - - Updated - - - yes but its a full restore job and its a keeper
  7. sorry no - - - Updated - - - sorry no
  8. just keep looking..it will happen..i had a 4year wait for my second one..but all good in the end
  9. as i said to you benny in early parts of the emailing between us..i decided to keep it..it was you who was the the one who kept at asking do we still have a sale,do we still have a sale..after i said i am going to keep it..dont turn this into a shit fight,as to 2 weeks of waiting when no was a early answer..i posted this morning , it is a top title and game which i still get emence joy playing..so let sleeping dogs sleep and move on please..and remember , there is always a light at the end of the tunnel...but this is not the way to achieving it..cheers
  10. yes ..certainly the creech is a keeper in any collection..i love mine..i was asked recently to part with it ..then i sat back and thought..waiting 4 years to find another nice one in a unmolested orignal 9-9.5 cond and the 11hour round trip i did to pic it up and the $$$ i paid..did not balance the crime of selling it...
  11. a unfinished code which will never be completed.. pre factory dimples every where re-theme right ramp as a extra ....(not included in sale) hence the shoe box lid in the goodies bag... vault wizard with no cash or bonus value at all... gary voice overs by donald trump ..really they are still gary , but we could not use the president elect as he would only agree if the words iran and war against usa were used in his 2 hour press release at his pleasure about our new machine one flipper only on the LEs...( please note..no pros or prems on this pin ) single ball multi ball which doubles as ball in play at the same time, hence only one flipper required... power supply is our new AA battery system, so you can use those 50% batteries that you never throw out. so you are helping to save the planet.. our new hi-score to date recording system..which includes a pencil and sharpener at no extra cost to you so you can keep track of those 3 digit scores,please note, score paper not included... and our new and latest coin mech..which accepts mutliable currencies all in one go..including the yen,dong,paso,diner,pence,and those all important ,euro coin and arcade tokens.. our new flat pak in a slim line box is proving to be a winner with non stop post about it every where, WOW , talk about a converation starter.. our new art work was a instant hit, the 3year olds finally got what had been wating so long for..permission to draw crayons on the bare cabs to create a 1 off master piece that will never wash off or can be removed and will only add value to your machine as a 1 off piece of art of the future.. we have a easy repayment plan avaiable to you, our easy..100%down and none of those ugly repayment issuses to chase you around , so simple, only we could have thought of this one.. NOW the big question..price.. we estimate in the middle of insane,to some where in the high end new car range $$ cheers.. - - - Updated - - -[/
  12. yeah..i looks that way now i look at it..but i would be spending the day answering unrelated emails, instead of nba emails i soon found out ... and empting the inbox all the time..all non related nba emails to be posted and only nba ones to the inbox is working very good as a system in all for selling and letting know whats comming up next or soon..even the admins seems to agree...
  13. yeah..this guy seems to have blood circulation through him...LOL..tell us the price..cheers
  14. not really at all... this has been the price of nice nba,s for quite a while.. if you are after my best $ price on it i can make it $4500..LOL.. just recent, i spoke to a person who had made a nba purchase and paid 4k no worries for the nba ..that was his offer and not a sales add price..plenty 3k and 3.5 machines out there but as usual a container pin or a machine with wear on the p/f..my original nba is floating around in vic some where and it has the wings still on it..and i have seen it sell once below the 4k range and that was when i sold it to whatsjohn the car dealer..he then he resold it for more $$$above the 4k mark..and that was maybe 10 years ago.. remember .. be happy with your buy.. smile and laugh dont cry.. - - - Updated - - - PS..still LOOKING FOR PICS ON MY PC..BUT I WILL TAKE NEW PICS IF NESSARY TONIGHT .. JUST TRYING TO AVOID THE -2 DEG TONIGHT AND NO THE PINS ARE NOT STORED AT THIS TEMP ..THEY ARE STORED IN A DRY ,CONTROLL ENVIROMENT WHICH IS SUITED TO THEM..CHEERS
  15. its not a convert..its the real deal nba
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