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  1. It's your lucky day Lou On GT there's 1 for 24k
  2. Cool white led strip , under ramps etc , h o w bright do you want it
  3. has anyone got a idea on the eta of godzilla prem in Aust
  4. rubbers might perish some moving parts ncould be sticky ,,, just get the batteries off the board if there is any ,, otherwise good thing
  5. All these add on,s are pencil sharpeners , Available on ebay $11 each last time i looked ,, free post from Melb also ADDAMS car is a Dusenburg Town Car , again found on ebay and i have bought them for well under $20 , so look before paying $150 for a train with a simple led in it , polar bear and plastic toys MINI ZOO , and leds to put into toys google LED SALES Aust 2nd or 3rd listing , he,s in Tassie
  6. Thing easy make from ,, Round paint brush $18 Bunnings glasses Spotlight $6 , things hat brim , scrap plastic ..... Hacksaw paintbrush handle to the desired tophat length , holesaw scrap plastic for brim , paint things glasses whatever color ,, drill hole through top of paintbrush insert wire long enough to make a fastening point on playfield , oh glue wire in handle ,, thing done for less than $25
  7. Ive had a few Addams over time , never liked the 2 globes on the chair , so removed them patched holes and painted , the wiring shifted to under the playfield into the scoop , there is more than enough clearance to screw 2 bayonet fittings and have a red and yellow globe that lights the scoop as it would the bulbs on the chair
  8. wanting to light up the swamp in a green glow and also install a swamp acc this is a very cost effective idea , 1 or 2 small strip leds and some packaging plastic ,, plastic thats already formed in a right angle , fold the plastic put undder anything heavy to flatten it , cut roughly 1cm to 3 cm double sided tape to the smaller edge as per pics and leds will light that swamp in a green haze , or blue , whatever ,,simple cheap , it works
  9. Original manual wanted Thanks
  10. i bet he does ,, if not i have 1 PSPA seconds
  11. Thanks that's what I saw too just something odd is happening thanks
  12. anyone with an addams out there can you please advise how many wires are on connector J136 thanks
  13. i have a afmle remake wishing to swap for MB or MM mine 100 plays few mods red texture trim or happy to put all new polished stainless or original black custom trans orig inc prefer SEQ thanks
  14. anuone wants to swap a taf playfield for a cftbl brand new playfield please pm
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