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  1. I'm in need of a LED OCD board WPC type if you have 1 to offload please let me know
  2. If you look to up the bass with ext bass look at tangles bass splitter ,
  3. A happy home in Melbourne ??? Must be Outer Outer Melbourne
  4. i stalled too long in jumping on the sale thread ,, this is hard to watch but all the very best , itll be a credit to you
  5. any one with experience with linked nba,s game 1 popbumpers score 2 points per 2 strikes ,, game 2 2 points per 14 hits ,,, changed all adjustments to identical swapped roms in cpu no good ,, then tried factory reset and it came good until later when we played again and now the scoring issue has now changed to game 2 and game 1 is playing properly ,, itll be something simple but WTF ,, any help please
  6. Mate I have a few ,, but id be suprised if you can't get one locally due to the popularity of pin2dmd so keep me in mind if 1 doesn't come up on a few days
  7. Remember the bill of sale mate you shouldn't foot the cost
  8. Got them thanks Crafty originals would be nice but not worth importing with post
  9. Seeking NBA FASTBREAK Multiple if available
  10. GNR,s has hit our shores , this container anyway , i got in at 15.5k , and on the carrot of delivery along time ago , water under the bridge , but thats it for me as in new games , ive got concerns of the quality and warranty associated with this game especially with the price tag ,, 2nd hand games have lost all logical pricing and if you are selling why not get the best you can and the amount of times ive heard the bubble will burst ,,, yeah ok ,, when ?
  11. Rather than mylar try screen protectors that you use on you tablet ,, works 100% and just lifts off if you want to refresh it down the track , I've had a peice on my FISH WEAR SPOT on a Road Show no one has noticed it same peice 4 yrs and ball hasnt touched that area a that time ,, and a tablet size peice is about 2$
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