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  1. Would you sell the LAH , I'd buy the mod from you then
  2. orig LW3 data east manual wanted also Tommy
  3. mate i just aquired a LW3 do you by chance have that as well that would ease the pain of shipping
  4. you where made an offer , you told me you would get back to me ,, resetting issue,s , well it certainly has issues
  5. As above original manual with fold out schematrics thanks
  6. christ its a work of art ,, should be in a gallery
  7. has anyone some idea on forwarding agents in europe small items 1kg to 2 kg
  8. good to see your still around McFly , ive still got your CV ,, and no you cant have it back
  9. Hi Rob mate do you know cost of Bill to Brisbane All the best mate thanks john
  10. mate you get 1 chance with decals , pepaation is the key , any impefections will be noticed though the decals , final sanding with 1200 git or highe using a sanding block ,between eyesight and touch you should be able to pick out issues , and fo fucks sake make sue paint has released all gases b4 decals appled othewise you risk bubbles , dont rush
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