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  1. You can keep you version of events how you like. Point of the matter is Dom and Chris are respectable business owners and quite conscious of the treatment of their pins. If anything that you have described did transpire or was an issue, they would of put an end to it plain and simple. I have been going there quite regularly since the very first day it opened and have seen first hand they have no issue moving people on when an issue arises with not only pin treatment but language as well, and seeing as I wasn't moved on, or even spoken to about it there was no issue and you are plugging a story of no relevance. Also it was an AA member that advised me that some people might not how both machines were treated and that they should, hence why the thread was made.
  2. You know why Chris and Dom didn't ask me to ease up. Simply because you have completed fabricated your version of events to get a laugh on here for some reason unbeknownst to me. I do not recall smashing the machine into walls or surrounding pins, or "slapping" it for any other reason than to push the action button which is entirely part of the game as anyone who has played would know. And the occasional curse comes from being one house away from finishing the game constantly and not quite getting there (Targaryan House is difficult). Everything about how I play it is in the realm of the general consensus of acceptable. If my behaviour or game play was anything as you have described, Chris and Dom would of booted me out without hesitation. Rather than bring it up there with me in person you chose to get on here and fabricate the whole story. Good work. I do not know how a bunch of, what I assumed to be grown men, (but judging from alot of these posts) more likely to be pre-pubescent children cannot understand the simple reason I made this thread. Let me break it down for the last time in the hopes that it will sink in. There is a massive difference between being a bit rough with a machine in the realm of acceptable game play and absolute thrashing it for no reason. Kicking the side and front of machine continually because a ball is stuck, throwing it against a concrete wall or into surrounding pins, or consciously throwing it around an uneven concrete floor knowing that you are damaging the legs is beyond the spectrum. Even all this said wouldn't warrant the thread but someone told me one of these GoT's was being sold most likely to someone on these forums. If I was buying a pin that was as relatively new as GoT, naturally I would assume it wouldn't of seen as much of what I have describe above but if it had, for the price tag, I would like to know.
  3. I have informed one operator as the bar staff had his number on hand but as for the other one no one could give me any information. All I got told was he intends to sell it in the near future, and alot of people in Newcastle and Sydney areas use these forums for buying and selling, hence why I started this thread.
  4. Hahaha yes there is some massive conspiracy going on with all this. I've been on these forums for 4 years under a different account (pretty much same username minus two x's) never really posting due to the harsh critics in this community. And this thread was a prime example. Forgive me all. I just thought that aside from normal wear and tear you'd expect from sited pins, someone would like to know that they have been kicked repeatedly, slammed into a concrete wall so hard the back box almost swung forward from its latch, and swung side to side violently on an uneven concrete floor assisting in bending the feet and that enough things on the playfield have been broken due to extremely rough play to render the machines out of action every single day for over a week. I normally wouldn't have bothered to post something like this as I know people are aware of how sited pins are treated but the treatment of these two has gone well beyond anything I've seen. But hey, if you all know everything, will avoid the PSA's in future.
  5. An observation noticed that should be taken into consideration for anyone buying a GoT that has been sited in a pub environment before purchase. I have seen a handful on site in some pubs in Newcastle and Sydney that are constantly broken. I attribute this to the popularity of the title attracting people who do not regularly play pinball having a crack on GoT due to its popularity. Although this is great for pinball the result I have seen in the last two weeks is not good. Two on site that I have visited regularly have been broken in some way shape or form EVERYDAY. I have seen people playing these on site and they are being thrashed like an old commodore with no registration. Just putting it out there incase the thought has never crossed the buyers mind.
  6. Hi all, Have seen a lot of talk lately about unlicensed pinball themes and whether or not they could hold up in the new age of only licensed machines. I had a think about it and spoke to a few enthusiasts in my local area and decided to take on 2 projects of mostly original conception. As of this ungodly hour in the morning I have just designed entire games (on paper) for 2 orginal themed pinball projects. I have a graphic designer on board to assist with the play field and cabinet design, and being a pinball tech in the past will assist in the mechanical assembly. What will really hinder the whole thing is the coding. That is a whole other kettle of fish I will get to in the future. The point of this post is to gauge the interest in these original themes. "The Golden Age" is a pirate themed game (saw a thread recently about best pirate themed games and realised there isn't too much to choose from) focusing on real pirates of history. The play field and game mechanics it self will be a cross mixture of lord of the rings, theatre of magic and the new game of thrones. With modern day coding capabilities, my hope is to be able to make it so you can choose to play as either Captain Henry Morgan, Edward "Black Beard" Teach, Henry Every, Calico Jack Rackam or Bartholemew 'Black Bart' Roberts, each has there own pros and cons. Second original theme is Private Eyes, a throwback to old film noir detective movies. Game modes are likening to processes involved in cracking a big case I.e. Find the clues, interrogate suspects, femme fatale, chase scene, etc. Most might think something like who dunnit, but my ambition is not even close to that. Any feedback on what you guys think of these themes would be greatly appreciated. Will be starting with the graphic designer tomorrow to knock up some play field and cabinet designs and will be working from there. Will keep this space updated as it all progresses. Thanks for taking the time to read and appreciate any feedback.
  7. Hows this going? I have arrived quite late to the party.
  8. Thank you for the update! High interest maintained!
  9. Amazing price for a great machine...If I can sell my car before its sold I will definitely consider this ^_^ Best of luck to you either way.
  10. The Internet is saying roughly the same which is confusing as the price of this one is almost double.....
  11. Alot of different figures floating around the internet and with my limited knowledge I feel the price for the one I am looking at is a bit steep. Just incase it helps with a more accurate pricing... Condition report: Playfield: 7/10 (at the moment its real dirty so 7 is kinda an estimate. I couldnt see much sign of wear though) Cabinet: 6/10 (lots of small scratches and stuff like that but still ok) Minor rust on metallic stuff but nothing that wont come off No topper Only really good thing about this one is the door handle is still intact and doesn't look a day old Thats the best description I can give, any feedback appreciated ^_^
  12. They are fixed... Transformers is not set up because its getting a coin ech and going in the centre somehwere....When they locate it i’ll let you guys know ^_^
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